The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Saturday, August 30, 2014

F/M Spanking Sunday -- A Boy Learns Respect

This is just a little domestic scene, not really a story, but it's pretty intense. I found it I-don't-know-where and I have no idea who the author is, but it's dated. I've done some editing to clean a few things up.


            My father left my mom with two boys to raise when I was 13 and
my little brother was 9.  Mom did her best to raise us right,
but I guess we were a handful.  When I was turning 16, she lost
a job and her sister, my Aunt Faye, took us in for a few
months.  I'll never forget one night a few days after we arrived
at her big house to take up our stay there.  Her own kids, also
both boys, were older; one in college and one a senior in high
school.  I guess I'd always been aware that Aunt Faye was
pretty strict with her sons.  We'd never been all that close,
but I could remember times when she was very stern with them,
especially the younger one, Rob, and I recall at least one time
when they visited us when she took Rob out to their car and
spanked him.  I hadn't been spanked since before my Dad left,
and it didn't really even occur to me as something that might
happen to me if I wasn't careful around Aunt Faye.

            Well, that evening I guess I was being pretty mouthy to my Mom,
talking back and not being very cooperative about helping her
get things settled in in the guest apartment over the garage
where Aunt Faye was putting us up.  We all had dinner together,
and I don't even remember the details, but I must have been real
bratty and backtalking --  it was hardly unusual for me at the

            Aunt Faye gave me real cold looks a couple of times during
dinner, but she didn't say anything.  I ate quickly and wanted to
get up from the table before anyone else.  I started to just get
up, and my Mom said, "Mike, aren't you going to stay for

            "Aw, mom," I said, "I wanna see what's on TV. I'll have it in

            Aunt Faye looked at me with this mean, angry stare.  "Michael,
in this house, you will ask to be excused from the table.  And
your mother does not wish for you to be excused, so you will
wait patiently while the rest of us enjoy our meal.  Do you
understand me?"

            "Uhh.. yeah, sure, Aunt Faye, whatever you say.."

            "And I will see you after supper, young man.  We have a few
things to get straight now that you are living here with us."

            My mom looked embarrassed at this.  I didn't know what to think
or say... she was so earnest and not too kindly.  "Yeah, sure,
Aunt Faye..."

                        The rest of the meal was like a session in the library.
My mom was obviously uncomfortable.  She tried to
speak to Aunt Faye in a low voice at one point, but Aunt Faye fairly
snapped at her, "just leave this to me, will you! If you live here, we do things my way."

            My cousin Rob looked at me with this malicious smile and
managed to mutter so only I could hear, "you're
gonna get it big time, Mikey, I can tell, believe me."

            I wasn't quite sure what she meant, but I had an inkling it
would not be pleasant and might be painful as well as

            Finally dinner ended and the table was cleared.  I even helped.
 But Aunt Faye was intent.  She came up to me and put her hand
on my shoulder.  "I'll see you in my study now, young man.  We
have to come to an understanding."

            She turned and walked towards the study.  I hesitated, but she
looked back and said, "get down here now, son.  It won't be any
easier if you drag it out."

            I walked slowly down to her study, and entered through the open
door.  She was already seated on the sofa.  She patted the seat
next to her, and said, "Come sit here.  We're going to have a
talk about respect, obedience, helpfulness, and attitude.  These
are areas where I have observed you need work if you're going to
be living in our house."

            "Uh, OK, sure.."

            "First, you will address me as 'Aunt Faye,' or 'ma’am.'  I am
your Aunt and you are a child.  This is the proper way for you
to speak to me, or to your Aunt Rose, or to your mother.  If you
do not, you will be punished.  Am I clear?"

            "Uhh... yes... ma’am." Punished? What did that mean?

            "That's better.  Now, you have a very bad habit of talking back
to adults and arguing when you are asked to perform simple
chores.  This I will not tolerate, and you have already gone
beyond any reasonable bounds of acceptable behavior.  When you
are told to do something by one of the adults of this house, you
will answer respectfully, and you will do it without argument.
I am going to punish you now in order to make this point very, very

She paused a moment.

I waited and I had a really bad feeling about this. What did she mean to do? What came next stunned me.

“You are going over my knee for a good hard spanking."

            "Sp--spank me!?" I blurted. I could not believe this! Spanking was something that happened to little kids, not teenagers. I was panicked and I pleaded. Embarrassing images formed in my mind.

 "Gee, Aunt Faye, you don't hafta
do that.. I'll be good... I promise I will."

At once I felt a cold chill. Feelings of fear, embarrassment, and confusion hit me all at once. How could she even think about this?
I was too old. You didn’t do this to kids my age. I blushed red with shame at the thought
of having to endure such a juvenile punishment.

            "I know you will, because I'm going to spank you so hard you
will remember this lesson very well.  I accept your promise.
But you are going to be punished for what you've already done.
It's important for you to learn from very definite experience
that this is serious, and you WILL change your behavior.”

She stopped and looked me in the eye.

“Now, get over here.” She pointed to her right side, indicating I was to stand there. I did, but what she said next made my blood run cold. “Drop your pants, boy."

            Drop my pants? Like some little kid? She slapped her lap, indicating I was to go over her knee.  I was in shock. But what could I do? I stood up and walked closer to her.

            "Shirt off."

            I took off my shirt and slowly undid my belt and fly. I hesitated.
            “Down,” she said, pointing down with a bony finger. “Right now.”

 Reluctantly I pulled down my pants, and stood facing her. My pants were at my
knees but my underwear was still on.  I hoped she wouldn't make
me pull them down too, I was already so humiliated I was
blushing bright red.

            Her eyes met mine, and there was the slightest nod as she gestured for me to get across her lap. I laid my body across her lap, with my briefs still on, and my pants down at my
knees.  I could feel the warmth of her body through the briefs,
and felt a little involuntary stirring of my cock. My penis was rubbing against the flesh of her thigh. Somehow the bizarre situation was making me horney.

            "Michael, before we start, I want you to understand something.
I am NOT going to go easy on you.  You have been getting away
with being a complete brat for a long time.  I know it's hard
for your mother, but you are in need of some serious discipline,
and I intend to make sure you get it, starting RIGHT NOW."

            There was a pause and then -- SLAP!...SLAP!...SLAP! She started spanking me on my
underpants.  The slaps were hard, and they burned. The spanks came steadily, with her
hand cupped and holding onto my butt a second after each slap.
After just four or five I was feeling a forceful sting with each
slap and I squirmed and moaned.  She kept on...

It burned, the sting becoming more intense with each forceful smack.

            After twenty or so, it was too much.  I squirmed and howled, "OK, Aunt Faye!
I'll be good, I promise!  OWW!  OWW!"

            SLAP!...SLAP!...SLAP! But she was relentless, spanking my ass really hard.

 "Yes, you will, and you will also take
your spanking tonight like a man.  We've just gotten started."

            With that, she yanked my underpants away from my butt. Just yanked them right down.

I was bare. I had never felt so shamed.  That wasn’t the worst. She
redoubled the spanking, smacking my fanny a little harder.  She covered my whole ass
with her ample hand, and showed no hesitation to slap hard, even
at the base of my butt, where the curve of the buttocks meets
the leg.  She seemed to relish it, glancing a series of slaps off
that area before moving to the crown of my ass for a volley of good
hard smacks.  SLAP!...SLAP!...SLAP!  On and on, she spanked
and spanked as I squirmed and howled "OWW!  OWWW!  OWWW!" -- loud
and for real.  I had never been spanked so hard in my life and it hurt!

            My face contorted with the unrelenting spanking, and my butt
was glowing bright red, but she showed no sign of letting up.  I
had no idea how many slaps she had already given me, squirming
and howling the whole time, but it must have been more than a

            All of a sudden, she sped up and gave me 20 or so very hard
slaps, very fast.  I almost screamed with the shock and sharp
pain.  Then she stopped.  "Whew!"  I thought, "finally over!" --
but no.

            "OK, Mike, now you know what's in store for you if you talk
back and act like a brat.  You will be taken over my knee like
the naughty child you are and thoroughly spanked.  And don't
think I won't do it each and every time you need it.  But now,
you must learn what happens to wilfully disobedient young men.
You are going to learn to cooperate in this house and to obey
your mother and myself.  Stand up."

            I managed to choke out, "But, Aunt Faye, ma’am, I've learned my lesson!  I promise to do as I'm told!  I've had enough!  Please!"  I was truly desperate
-- I didn't think I could take any more spanking! My ass was stinging and burning.

            "Yes, you have learned that lesson.   I note you are speaking
to me with proper respect.  Keep that up.  And I accept your
promise to cooperate and do what you are told to do.  But you
have yet to be punished for your past misbehavior, and that it
the only way, believe me, I know, to impress on a young man how
serious this is.  Now get over here, you are going to get the
paddle, and you WILL LEARN obedience and cooperation."

            I walked towards the desk.  I still had my pants pulled down,
so I had to sort of waddle.  She reached in her drawer and pulled
out a wooden paddle, about half an inch thick, made of laminated
wood, with a non-skid handle, and about 9 inches by five, with
an oval paddle. Then she put a pillow on the edge of the desk and
made me stand right up against the desk. I had to bend over and grip
the far end.

            She touched the paddle to my already flaming butt.  "I told you
I was not going to go easy on you, and I meant it.  You've been
overdue for this for a long time, and you're getting it now. You will stick that fanny out and hold still for some good hard swats, do you understand?"

            SWAT! .. I guess it wasn't really all that hard, but coming
after the hardest spanking I'd ever had, it seemed like someone
had taken a torch to my butt.  SWAT! .....SWAT!  There was a
period of several seconds between each swat.  I howled with each
swat and whimpered in between.  I couldn't believe how much it
hurt, but she just kept on, swat after swat. 

            Aunt Faye had other ideas.  I now realize she wasn't giving me
full-force swats at arms length, though at the time they hurt so
bad it was hard for me to imagine anything harder.  She was
basically spanking me with the paddle, using her wrist to deliver swats slowly, pretty hard, and
standing up, but it was a bare butt spanking, not a few swats
like you'd get in school.  An she had no intention of cutting it short.

            After 10, I was fairly dancing in a desperate attempt to avoid
the sting of my Aunt's vicious little paddle.  She put her hand
squarely and firmly on the small of my back to anchor me and
kept paddling my butt  SWAT!.....SWAT!.....SWAT!  on and on!

            "I want you...  SWAT!...  to understand  SWAT!...  you will get
the paddle...  SWAT!  SWAT!... each and every time you disobey
an adult in this house.  SWAT!  SWAT!  You will learn to
cooperate without argument if I have to paddle your butt every
damn day.  Do you understand me, Michael?"   SWAT!  SWAT!  SWAT!

            "OWWW!  OHHH!  Yes, ma’am!  OWWWW!  I'll be good... OHHHH!  OH,
please stop!"

            SWAT!  SWAT!  She said nothing, just kept ON!  I squirmed
mightily and cried and whimpered and yelled, but she just kept on
with these unrelenting swats.  My butt was an inferno and each
swat brought tears and an involuntary jerk of my whole body, but
she kept on spanking.

            Finally, she pushed a little harder on the small of my back, and
again sped up the spanking, giving me twenty or so hard swats
very fast.  "AAAAANNH!" I wailed ... it hurt so bad!

    Then it stopped.

            "That will do for now... if you keep your promise to cooperate
cheerfully, and obey your mother, your Aunt and me, you won't
have to get the paddle again, so remember that.  Now stay put,
I'll apply some alcohol to your butt to prevent an infection."

            "Alcohol?"  I thought, as I rubbed my torn-up butt, still
flaming hot and SO sore I could hardly believe it.  But what
that meant I didn't fully realize till I felt the wetness of her
hand on my left cheek, then Zow!  The stinging of the alcohol
was like 20 more swats all at once!  I knew she did this on
purpose.  Oh God!  It stung!  She applied it to the other cheek,
then more to both sides.  I kicked and wiggled and cried out it
stung so bad.

            "Calm down, Michael, this is necessary to make sure you don't
have any infections.  Now stop squirming."

            I was still bent over, my fiery red ass exposed.  She put her
hand back on my back and SLAP!  She spanked me with her hand
again!  SLAP!  SLAP!  SLAP!!  She gave me about ten VERY hard
slaps, which I didn't expect at all.

            "That's for good measure, young man.  You have to remember that
whenever you screw up, talk back, or disobey, you WILL BE
SPANKED.  Now put your clothes on and go to your room and stay
there till bedtime.  And I will be checking on you... if you
come out, except to go to the bathroom, you'll get another
spanking and I don't think you want that after what you've just
had, do you?"

            "Oh, no, ma’am," I said, and trundled off to nurse my beaten ass.

            I didn't find myself hating her for beating me so hard; maybe
on some level I knew I needed it.  And I really did try to do
what she wanted and avoid getting paddled and spanked the rest of
the four months we lived there.  My mom looked at me funny the
next day, but I never mentioned Aunt Faye's spanking me, and
nothing was ever said.  If she didn't want her sister laying
into her son like that, she didn't say.   And I did get paddled
just as hard several times more by my Aunt, who had a justified
reputation as a strict disciplinarian, as I found out when she
spanked her own sons, one of whom was 21, and me, all at the
same time...but that's another story for another time.


Laurel Lasky said...

I am commenting even though I bought both books. What do you find the hardest thing about. I have a WIP and have difficulty with the dialog.

Rollin said...

Laurel, I think the hardest part of writing a book, especially a longer work, is the detailed construction of the plot. It has to be exciting, interesting and make logical sense.I think writing the dialog is actually one of the easier tasks, at least for me. Thanks for stopping by.