The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Writing the Spanking Scene -- Will Henry's Spanking Stewardesses

Remember the 60's when airline stewardesses were fantasy fodder? The myth was they were all hedonistic playboy bunnies at heart, always ready to hop on over to the hotel room of the handsome exec in seat 14A once the plane landed. One airline even put their stews in hot pants. PSA Braniff I think. Continental had the motto "We move our tails for you." It's true. You can't make this stuff up. 

Anyway, the late great Will Henry wrote a spanking classic around this notion, and I give you today just a sample. This is how they wrote spanking scenes in grandpa's day.

“Young lady, if you're late for one more date, I'm going to turn you over my knee!” Howard Spencer told Connie with obvious irritation.
The pretty stewardess found herself blushing warmly, and wondered if he really meant business. Connie had been dating Howard for several months, and was quite intrigued by his decisive and masculine personality. Even though he was nearly fifteen years her senior, Connie was quite interested in exploring the possibility to marriage. At thirty−seven, Howard was a successful junior executive with a large corporation. He had been married previously and had custody of his only child, Gloria, a pretty brunette who was going on eighteen.
“You wouldn't dare spank me!” Connie replied, deliberately trying to find out what he might do. Although she had no desire to be put through another workout like the one she and Sharon had endured a couple of weeks ago, a playful spanking over a masculine knee might prove quite interesting.
“Wouldn't I?” Howard replied as they walked toward his parked car. “Maybe we'll just see about that!”
He eyed her closely and Connie could feel her ears burning. Howard opened the car door and the pretty blonde slid into the front seat, her short blue mini−dress riding up to reveal shapely thighs encased in sheer dark brown nylons. As he closed the door and walked around the car to get in on the other side, Connie automatically started to pull her dress down but decided against it. Crossing her pretty legs provocatively, she allowed her dress to remain up to the tops of her long line stockings. As Howard opened the door, she noticed that he was quite aware of her nyloned charms. Although she couldn't help blushing prettily at her own boldness, she made no effort to adjust her dress.
“You aren't really going to spank me, are you?” she teased, swinging her foot back and forth.
“Oh, yes I am!” Howard replied, realizing instantly that she was deliberately leading him on. He started the car and pulled away from the curb.
When he began driving in the direction of his apartment, Connie decided that he just might not be kidding. “I thought we were going out to dinner,” she spoke up.
“We will, afterwards,” he replied. “But first we'll stop at my place!”
“But you can't spank me there!” Connie teased. “After all, Gloria would hear everything!”
“Gloria's out tonight,” he told her. “Besides, I don't think Gloria would see anything unusual about a young lady getting a spanking!”
Connie looked quite surprised and immediately recalled how Kathy had described her home experiences with corporal punishment.
“Come on, you don't mean you still spank Gloria at her age?” she asked with feigned innocence. “That's why she's so well behaved!” Howard replied indirectly.
“But how? I mean...” Connie couldn't suppress her curiosity. “You'll find out soon enough!” he replied.
Connie swallowed and suddenly began to feel rather apprehensive. At first, she had just assumed that Howard was only kidding and that at most she would get only a playful spanking over her clothing. But now she began to wonder and could feel her face growing quite red at some of the possibilities. No longer in such a flirtatious mood, she pulled the hem of her short dress down as far as it would go.
“Howard... Really... I...” she found herself at a loss for words.
He parked the car in the underground garage beneath his apartment, and escorted Connie into the elevator. Her knees feeling a little weak under her, Connie meekly accompanied him without saying anything. Once they were inside his well furnished apartment, Howard calmly removed his suit coat and hung it in the closet. Biting her lip, Connie watched nervously as he loosened his tie and started rolling his sleeves up.
“Please, honey, you're not really going to spank me?” Connie appealed in a small voice, trying to use all of her girlish charms to talk him out of it. Although she was quite apprehensive, she was also extremely curious to see exactly what he would do.
“I certainly am!” he told her curtly.
“Please, Howard, I've never been spanked by a man!” Connie gulped. “Please, don't! Please, it's too
Without responding, he took her by the hand and started leading her into the study. Feeling completely juvenile and a little frightened, Connie reluctantly accompanied him. Howard switched on the light in the study and leaving Connie standing in the middle of the room, walked over to a closet. Connie gulped and her pretty knees buckled slightly as he brought out a black leather razor strap!
“Howard!” she gasped, clasping a hand over her mouth as she stared at the gleaming black strap. “You're not...”
Placing the strap on top of his desk, he brought a plain wooden chair from one side of the room and placed it in−front of his desk. Sitting down on the chair, he spread his legs slightly apart and looked at Connie. In her brief blue mini−dress, dark brown stockings and high heels, the petite blonde looked both appealing and downright scared. He could see her pretty knees trembling slightly as she anxiously awaited his next move.
“Come here, young lady!” he ordered in a firm voice. “It's about time you had some discipline!”
Connie gulped heavily and looked imploringly at him. “Please!” she stammered. “J−just use your hand.
Don't use that awful...”
Taking very small steps, she slowly walked over to him. Howard clasped her firmly and firmly but gently pulled the pretty blond face down over his capable lap. As he pulled her into position over his knees, Connie suddenly realized that she could do nothing to keep her short mini−dress from riding up embarrassingly in back and let out a high−pitched shriek as she became aware of her own exposure. Howard looked down to admire the gap of bare white thigh that appeared above the tops of her dark brown nylons.
“Please, let me go!” Connie demanded, keeping her pretty legs together and trying to reach back with one hand to pull her dress down. Howard grabbed her right wrist with his left hand and pressed it against the small of her back.
“Ow! Please!” Connie pleaded, feeling both helpless and embarrassed. He was much stronger than she and held her easily in position. After taking a long, admiring look at her shapely nyloned legs and tapering thighs, he reached down with his right hand and promptly pulled her short dress up to reveal trim black panties.
“Oh no!” Connie shrieked with outraged modesty as her pantie−clad bottom came into view. “Don't you dare! Stop it!”
She instinctively tried to struggle but succeeded only squirming around prettily on his lap, swinging her nylon−clad legs merrily back and forth.
“Pull my dress down! Let me go! Please!” she alternately pleaded and demanded as she felt Howard's eyes inspecting her plump, rounded bottom.
Holding her easily over his lap, Howard paused to admire her cute bottom and shapely, nyloned legs and then hooked a finger into the waistband of her panties.
“Don't you dare!” Connie screamed, kicking her legs furiously and struggling to get loose. “Don't you dare!”
As the pretty stewardess shrieked and struggled on his lap, Howard slowly began peeling down the wispy panties, gradually working them down over the soft, white mounds.
“I'll never forgive you for this!” Connie threatened. “I mean it! I won't!”
Howard worked the panties down below her hips and began pulling them down her legs. Realizing that further struggling was pointless and would only expose her all the more, Connie lay quietly over his lap with her shapely legs pressed tightly together. Staring at the girlishly plump white mounds that lay quivering across his lap, Howard pulled the panties down well below the tops of her stockings.
Crying softly with embarrassment, Connie shuddered but made no effort to resist as he began unfastening the supporters of her garter belt. His fingers brushing lightly against her velvety smooth thighs, he slowly unfastened her stockings and allowed them to sag down her white legs. Grasping the top of her right stocking, he turned it back to reveal several more inches of bare flesh. Next, he grasped the top of her left stocking and turned it back in similar fashion. As Connie's pretty spanking surfaces lay completely exposed upon his lap, the pretty young blonde quivered with embarrassment and anxiety.
“Please don't spank me!” she pleaded, feeling horribly exposed with her bare flesh on display before him. Howard raised his right hand in the air and brought it down with a light smack on Connie's right buttock,
letting his hand rest in place for a moment afterward on the silken flesh. Connie shriveled with humiliation as she felt a masculine hand confidently cupped over her pretty bottom. “Oooh!” she moaned with embarrassment and despair.
Howard applied another light smack to her right cheek, once again letting his hand rest in place for a moment afterward. Connie jerked her blonde head back and involuntarily wriggled under him. Howard gave the right cheek another light slap, making Connie squirm more from shame than pain. By this time her right cheek was a pretty pink, making the left cheek pale by comparison. Twisting and feeling thoroughly humiliated and anxious, Connie could already tell that he had had considerable experience.
After a slight pause, Howard proceeded to administer some light slaps to Connie's left buttock. In a few moments the attractive young stewardess' pert behind was beginning to feel prickly warm on both sides, and she was wriggling a little breathlessly on his lap. After another pause to admire her slightly pink charms, Howard began alternating light smacks first on one side and then the other. Connie gasped and twisted with each smack, biting her pretty lip anxiously and still trying to preserve her modesty as much as possible.
Ow! Ooh! Ouch, please!” she exclaimed, her cute bottom feeling uncomfortably warm and itchy.
Howard continued the tormenting light slaps, working down the backs of her thighs to her stockings. As Connie squirmed about haplessly on his lap, she suddenly became aware of the powerful erection pressing against the front of his trousers! She gasped with astonishment and instinctively tried to hold her legs even more tightly together. But the combination of a male hand exploring her feminine charms and an erect penis pressing against her side soon produced their effect, and despite her great embarrassment Connie soon found that she was thoroughly aroused. With deep mortification she felt her moisture dripping against his trouser leg, and knew that it wouldn't be long before he realized how excited she was.

When Connie's pretty bottom and upper thighs were a healthy shade of pink, Howard paused for a moment and then gave her a brisk smack right across the crevice.
“Owww!” Connie shrieked as his hand flattened her flesh. She bucked up on his lap, her legs jerking upward as if pulled on strings. Howard held his hand in place for a moment afterward, pressing firmly down against the yielding flesh.
“Please, not so hard!” she pleaded, looking back anxiously over her shoulder. After a moment, Howard reached back to the desk and picked up the strap.
“No! Not that, please!” Connie shrieked. “Please, just use your hand! Please, I couldn't stand that! Please!” She briefly tried to struggle, but he held her firmly in position over his lap.
“Please, don't!” Connie pleaded, still trying to twist her pink bottom away from the strap. She shriveled as Howard draped the well oiled strap lightly over her tingling buttocks, leaving it there for a moment.
“Please, honey, I'll do anything you want!” she pleaded, cringing at the thought of having that lithe, smooth strap applied to her prickling bare bottom. Squirming around, she once again became aware of his erection and in her anxiety almost blurted out explicitly what she would be willing to do to avoid the strap.
Howard got a good grip on the strap and lifted it in the air. SMACK!
“OWWWW!” Connie screamed as the strap descended briskly against her pretty seat. She squirmed frantically on his lap, her nyloned legs kicking wildly back and forth.
Smack! Smack! Howard began applying the strap at regular intervals, covering both rosy cheeks with each application. As her bottom quickly caught afire under the burning strokes, Connie cried and shrieked with pain. In her distress she forgot all about her modesty and kicked her shapely legs wide and hard, continually revealing her pink groove to his admiring gaze. She finally managed to kick off her shoes and waved her pretty stocking feet wildly in the air with each application of the strap.
“Ouch! Please! Plleeeeeeeeese! I'll do anything you say! Ow! Please! Owwww!” she carried on.
Smack! Splat! Howard continued putting the strap to her reddening bottom. Sobbing and twisting frantically on his lap, Connie looked thoroughly distraught and kept trying to plead with him to spare her.
“I can't stand any more!” she wailed. “Please, I'll do anything! Anything! I mean it!” “You really mean that?” Howard paused.
“Y−yes!” Connie gasped. “I'll do what you want! Oh please, no more!”
He relaxed his grip on her and Connie tearfully slid to her knees between his legs. Her blonde hair mussed and her makeup smeared from her tears, she looked quite anxious and upset as she stared at the bulge in his trousers.
“I've never...” she began nervously, casting a quick shamefaced glance. “I mean... I don't even know how!” “You'll learn!” he smiled at her. “Go ahead and take it out yourself!”
Brushing back her tears and looking a little apprehensive, Connie reached out with both hands and began unzipping his trousers.
“Take it out!” he told her when she hesitated.
Connie inserted her soft hand into his trousers and cupped the base of his throbbing member. Pulling it out, she gulped as she saw how big it was. Eyes wide open and blushing furiously, she stared at the large crown of his sturdy shaft.
“I don't see how I can...” she protested meekly.
“Go ahead!” he told her in a quiet but firm voice. “We'll start out slow and you'll get used to it!”
Still gripping the base of his member with her soft hand, Connie leaned forward and pressed her pink lips against the tip of his stiff penis. Howard caught his breath sharply as he suddenly felt her moist tongue caressing the head of his throbbing member. Despite her fears, it was readily apparent that she was quite ready and even eager for the new experience. Watching her pretty blonde head closely, he leaned back and awaited developments.
After meekly licking the head for several moments, Connie swallowed hard and opened her pretty mouth as far as she could. Slowly and quite apprehensively, she began lowering her mouth over his erect maleness. Feeling the soft moistness of her open mouth encircling his throbbing member, Howard exhaled sharply and hooked his legs around her back to hold her in position before him. Connie worked the tip of his stiff penis into her mouth and, moaning softly, paused to become adjusted to it. As her saliva began to lubricate his member, she stroked the base gently with her hand.
Howard gave her a moment to become accustomed to having it in her mouth; then tapped her head lightly with his finger as a signal to proceed. With a low−sounding moan, the shapely young blonde opened her mouth even farther, gradually taking more of the sturdy muscle between her teeth. By this time, he could feel the tip of his member brushing against the moist roof of her mouth. Connie gulped heavily and swallowed hard; pausing once again to become accustomed to having her pretty mouth filled with his masculine spear.
Once again Howard lightly tapped her on the head, and Connie began working it in even farther. As he watched more and more of his erect member disappear between her pretty lips, Howard observed her carefully. Blushing prettily and keeping her eyes closed, the shapely stewardess submissively took his hard shaft deep into her mouth. A little breathless and gulping heavily from time to time, she slowly began sucking and nibbling on it. She seemed to catch on quite quickly and in a moment her pretty blonde head was bobbing up and down on his lap.
It wasn't long before his member was thoroughly lubricated and slick, and Connie was gulping heavily on her own saliva. “Why don't you catch your breath a minute, honey?” he told her, reaching under her chin to pull her head up.
Although she was quite breathless, Connie acted quite reluctant and slowly took it out of her mouth. She left her head in his lap, and he could feel her breathing against his erect organ. After pausing to catch her breath for only a moment, Connie rather impatiently opened her pretty mouth and once again began working his maleness between her soft lips. His moist penis slid easily into the inviting cavity, and he watched with some surprise as Connie very quickly took it quite deeply into her mouth.
As she began moving her blonde head up and down once again on his throbbing and aching shaft, Howard tensed in his chair and held his hands down over her head. Gasping and breathless, Connie made no effort to escape and submissively allowed him to maneuver her pretty head up and down in his lap. Suddenly clasping her head firmly between his hands, Howard rose a few inches off his chair and erupted in her mouth. As the warm, murky fluids splashed into her mouth and throat, Connie gulped heavily and uttered a half−strangled cry. For a moment it appeared that she might choke, but she recovered quickly.
As his member began to go limp, Connie rested her head in his lap for a moment to catch her breath. She then submissively replaced it in his trousers and zipped them up.

When Howard took her out to dinner afterward, the pretty young stewardess blushed prettily and meekly kept her eyes averted. Her bottom still smarting somewhat from the spanking and strapping, she sat rather gingerly and blushed even more when Howard teased her about her stinging bottom. It was fully apparent to both of them that she fully approved of his mastery.
After a leisurely dinner, Howard drove her back to his apartment. Connie, who had been expecting to be taken home, was agreeably surprised. “You're not going to spank me again, are you?” she teased as they got into the elevator that led to his apartment.
“Well, not tonight!” he conceded.
As they walked into the apartment, Howard flicked on the light and quickly led her into the bedroom. As he sat on the side of the bed, he pulled Connie down on his lap and kissed her lightly. The pretty blonde made no effort to keep her short dress from working up as she slipped one arm over his shoulders and kissed him hard in response. As their tongues began to explore each other's mouths, Howard worked his hand between her legs and slipped a finger under the legband of her panties. The area was already soaking wet. Connie wriggled with delight and clasped an eager hand down over the bulge that had formed in his pants.


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Anonymous said...

Wow! What a find!

I picked up this book in the early 70's when I was about 15 years old and "read" it avidly and repeatedly over the next few months until my mom found it and threw it out.

A true classic. I am surprised to find it again and discover that it was really quite well written - and that it's still hot!

If you have the rest of the book and the illustrations, could you put them on your blog as well?