The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Monday, September 1, 2014

Arousal by Spanking

I found this account on an F/F bulletin board in 2000. It apparently relates the experiences of a pair of girls in a foster home of some type run by a Mrs. G. Both girls, it seems, sexualized the spankings they received from Mrs. G. True? I have no idea, but it is a fascinating sharing of what purports to be a real life incident.

As Donna became more comfortable talking about her time with Mrs. G. she came
  up with some fascinating stuff.

  She got her first spanking about four days after moving in. Denise was
  included and the three went into the master bedroom. Denise went first. It
  wasn't much out of the ordinary but it was the first time Donna had seen
  anyone get spanked and, like I would have been, her eyes were glued to the
  skirt being raised and the panties being pulled down.

Things got more interesting when Mrs. G.'s hand caressed the waiting buttocks tenderly, then,
  rose and came down with a terrible smacking sound. She had every instant
  indelibly imprinted in her memory as the gluteal muscles contracted and
  relaxed for the next smack. The spanking went from side to side and some in
  the center but the net result was the delightful sight of a squirming bottom
  getting redder and redder and the sounds of gasping, whimpering and assorted
  little squeals. She also loved the crisp smacking sound of the palm on the
  upturned behind. Her whole body felt alive, her nipples hardening and her
  mouth going dry. She hoped it would never end.

When it was her turn, Donna went willingly but apprehensively over the knees
  and experienced the unaccustomed feel of her skirt being raised and her
  panties being pulled down. I could relate completely when she told me about
  her ass-cheeks tingling with anticipation and the unexpected signs of sexual
  arousal. The unaccustomed caress of her rear regions did not disturb her and
  seemed like an ideal way to prepare for the punishment to follow.

So when the first smack arrived she felt the sting but it was not unpleasant.
  Likewise with the succeeding smacks traveling around her bottom. She gasped
  and whimpered involuntarily but the sting soon became that warm glow I had
  experienced so often. She imagined her own buttocks as red as Denise's had
  gotten and let herself feel a rush of sexual excitement.

 She told me that over the next two years she experienced the paddle, the
  ruler, the hairbrush,the strap and the belt in a variety of positions,
  including lying down, standing up, bending over and various combinations plus
  different stages of dress and undress all the way from the belt across the
  seat of her tight jeans to the strap totally naked.
  We spent the whole afternoon sharing experiences which were remarkably similar
  with one important exception: mine were all voluntary and hers weren't.

 She said that her favorite method of discipline was the strap which also
  happens to be mine.
  I like: 1/ being hand-spanked over a warm female lap, first on the panties
  then with the panties pulled down;
  2/ being spanked with a paddle or a ruler standing up, on the seat of the
  3/ being strapped standing with my hands behind my head, first on the panties,
  then with the panties down followed by a good strapping on the bare bum while
  bending over a desk or table. (This is my favorite by far).
  4/ getting a good whipping with a belt on the seat of a tight pair of
  light-fabric pants while standing up, then bending over.

Donna's likes were very similar, especially number three, but she wanted to be
  disciplined on the bare bottom every time. I have experienced one form of
  stimulation she hadn't and I didn't tell her about it. That was the
  feather-light patent leather belt up and down the crack with the buttocks
  spread wide open and the tip flicking over the anus, the perineum and the
  labia until I think I might go insane.

Whatever Donna and Denise thought of Mrs. G.s disciplinary methods the
  important thing was that they left the foster home to be well-educated
  first-class citizens and strong devotees of corporal punishment.
  Donna and Denise were disciplined about a week after the first one but this
  time they were shown into the master bathroom.
  While Donna sat on the toilet Denise stood facing the tub with her hands up on
  the shower rod. Mrs. G. ordered her to stand with her legs apart and
  unfastened her pants and took them down. Donna was breathless with excitement
  as she watched the panties coming down and the firm, compact buttocks being
  unveiled. Mrs. G. was holding a strap that Donna said was about 15" inches
  long, about 2" wide and not very thick.

This little session started with a stern lecture about what was acceptable
  behavior and what wasn't directed at both girls. Then the drama unfolded.
  Mrs. G. swung the strap and the sound reverberated around the bathroom. Anyone
  who has been spanked in a bathroom will know what that's like. She strapped
  slowly and methodically (just the way I like it) and Denise's bottom squirmed
  and writhed with the fiery sting. She was yelping and crying but the strapping
  went on. The dancing buttocks turned dark pink, then the color deepened until
  only a rich even red could be seen from tailbone to just down the thighs,
  around the hips and deep into the crack.

 Donna was squirming on her hard seat but not for long. I empathized when she
  told me about the dry mouth, the hard nipples, the wet panties, the tightening
  anus and breath coming in short pants.

Her description of her own strapping was a duplicate of Denise's and she said
  that when she was finally in her own room and could study her rear quarters in
  private she stroked, caressed and fondled the crimson, afflicted area while
  putting her other hand to use in other areas.

 All in all Donna and I established a real rapport and although we never
  engaged in any actual spanking activities or girl-girl sex together it was
  with deep regret that we departed at spring break when I dropped out and we
  both went on to bigger and better things.

I have been a very lucky girl to have met so many interesting people and
  continue to meet them, even though the need for discretion is still,
  unfortunately, there.
  Let's hear from others about their favorite methods of spanking or being
  spanked. By the way, I hope you don't mind but I hate hairbrushes.

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