The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Monday, September 15, 2014

New EBook Release -- Spanking Times Eleven

I'm happy to announce the release on the Amazon Kindle Site of my short story collection,

 Spanking Times Eleven.


 Amazon US 
Amazon UK

This is a consolidation and reissue of two older ebooks, The Scarlet Society and The Puritan Museum. Those two books, as it happens got caught up in the flack of censored cover art and never received proper exposure. So I have decided to republish those short stories in this edition and it's a bargain. Bought separately the two older books would cost $5.98. I'm offering the pair in one volume for $3.95. Such a deal.

There are eleven stories in the collection and they are M/F and/or F/F in orientation.

Here is an extended description:

In The Scarlet Society a woman reminisces about an odd school society, a singular honor for the girls who are chosen, but one with a forbidding and painful legacy, an ordeal which must be endured. This is very much a Southern Gothic spanking story, edgy and chilling.

It’s About Time is a time travel story with a twist. An agent must accompany his young  female partner to an earlier time, all the while posing as her uncle. They must journey to the past where she will enter a 1940’s era girls school to correct a serious problem. But being a schoolgirl in this era brings with it it’s own hazards, not the least of which is the strict disciplinary regimen. And let’s not forget her equally strict uncle.

A Gift from Great Aunt Kate is indeed an unusual gift. It appears to be but a simple painting of an old drawing room, but for the women of this family it has some mysterious properties. To fall under it’s spell can be very gratifying sexually, but that comes at a price that can leave one with a very tender derriere.

In Naughty French Maids two sorority sisters are “purchased” at a charity auction to be French maids for a day by a wealthy patron and his wife. They assume that all they have to do is clean and dust and serve at a dinner party. But things may not be what they seem

A Fairy Tale is a tale of three princesses and the sacrifice that each must make to save the kingdom from a fearsome dragon. Will they live happily ever after? Maybe, but all the same, it could be difficult to sit.

31 Hours tells the story of a hotheaded teacher, two naughty cheerleaders and a befuddled stand-in principal for a day. Boy, a lot can happen in 31 hours.

The Puritan Museum is a sinister tale of Puritans and punishments, revenge and its price.

Mission Impossible, The Lost Episode is a tale that never aired in prime time. It is a story of a spy mission gone awry thanks to a pair of American teenagers, and what sacrifices are required to mollify an ancient church bent on extracting penance for a blasphemous act.

In The Craving we find that while one obsession might be cured by the promise of punishment, unintended consequences may well take over.

After the CP Act explores what might happen if corporal punishment were ever a real option in the criminal justice system as we follow a young lady who has no choice but to elect to be punished in this manner.

 Finally in Romanian Holiday, a young man chats up a lady in a bar and regales her with a harrowing tale of a mysterious country manor and its equally mysterious inhabitants---who are devotees of the lash, and perhaps much more. The lady is impressed, but may have her own agenda.

This is quite an eclectic collection with different themes, settings and plots that is sure to please the aficionado of fine spanking fiction.

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