The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Secret Spanking Cult

I once wrote a novel called Atonement which was an unfortunate title choice because a few years later a novel having the same title came out and became famous. The way Amazon is structured, this had the effect of burying my book. If you go to Amazon looking for "spanking novels" or "novels with spanking" my novel will not come up in your search results. That is why I have decided to reissue Atonement with a new title, Secret Spanking Cult. The book is literally about a cult-type organization that promotes atonement for sin through ritualized corporal punishment. It's also about the theft of the secret design of a spanking machine and the inventor's missing daughter.
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To tell this tale I chose 1st person POV and structured it like an old fashioned private eye story. As the book opens I'm in my office on a Friday afternoon which is the time set aside for the weekly reckoning with my kinky secretary.....

"Jane, I would like to speak with you--and bring your book."

Her demerit book, that is. Since her first transgression that had led to a spanking in the office, we had agreed that she would keep a book. Errors would be noted and an accounting duly conducted each Friday afternoon at closing time. Oddly enough it was Jane who suggested this system. "I'd rather just have my fanny tanned to keep me focused than to have you mad at me, boss." I had told her if that's the way she wanted it, then...ok.

Jane entered and stood at my desk, book in hand. She looked contrite.

"You can write down five, no, ten demerits for almost costing me a client. You are not to make judgments about who will or won't be routed to me. The only screening you should do is get rid of the salesmen and the ones I specifically tell you about. Sultry voice, right."

Jane looked chagrined. "I'm sorry boss, but you're right, and ten ticks it is," she said opening the book and making a note. "Ah boss, we should get started a little early today. It's been a bad week. I have thirty-six demerits with that ten."

"Thirty-six?" I said. That was a lot. That meant three dozen stinging licks with an eighteen inch ruler across Jane's nicely rounded rump, which would be quite bare at the time. I found the ruler to be perfect for the job. It was flexible and stingy and got the point across without bruising. Jane in fact, needed her Friday afternoon lickings. She had a boyfriend, Roger. But Roger was far too nice to give her what she craved, so I had become her surrogate disciplinarian. Roger, though, was the ultimate beneficiary of our correctional sessions. He probably wondered why he had such a passionate Jane on his hands on Friday evenings.

"We'll shut down the phones at four thirty." Jane nodded and unconsciously smoothed the back of her skirt, perhaps in an attempt to reassure her cheeky butt that it wouldn't be so bad. The skirt was short and tight and emphasized the rounded swells of her delectable rear end.

At four thirty on the dot Jane appeared, book in hand. She opened it. "I recounted, boss. It's really forty, not thirty-six. I'm, ah, ready for my correction now."

I could see her hardened nipples through her blouse. Although Jane's spankings stung, she was powerfully aroused by them. It must be the act of submission to a commanding male, I theorized. Whatever it was, it was about to happen in that otherwise drab office on a sunny Friday afternoon when everyone else was thinking about weekend golf games, camping, or gardening. This was something Jane needed, no, craved. And she was going to get it.

I put her in the corner and told her to lift her skirt. That took some tugging along with a delicious little shimmy. Her nicely rounded bottom cheeks were covered by diaphanous black panties. A garter belt and hose, black of course, completed the set. I let her wait for a few moments while I finished up a thing or two, then I got up and dragged a chair over in front of my desk. I sat down and grabbed the ruler.

"Let's get this over with, Jane. Come here."

"Yes, boss." She approached from my left with mincing steps and stretched herself over my lap, naughty girl style. The view from my angle was breathtaking. But, there was work to be done. I slipped my fingers into the waistband of her panties. She lifted her hips in response and I tugged them down. Her legs were straight, toes on the floor. Her hands supported her on the other side. This arched her buttocks beautifully. I knew that before we were done, her knees would buckle and she would drum her toes on the floor, squealing. I tapped her fanny with the ruler. She gave a little wriggle at the feel of the wooden ruler on the exposed flesh.

"You understand what this is for, right?" I said, tapping the pertly presented seat as I spoke.

"Yes boss--my mistakes--and this afternoon."

"Especially this afternoon, Jane." I gripped the ruler. The ruler, it seems to me, is perfect for this. It is light, springy and delivers a satisfying thwack! The sensation for the recipient is a sharp sting, and a number of these merge into a hot glow, like you had backed into the campfire. Well, Jane was due for a roasting so I decided to get to it.

Thwack!...thwack! I smacked the rippling cheeks with brisk wristy strokes. It didn't take long for Jane to become vocal.

"Ow...yeow, boss...ooh....I'm sorry....I promise ....please, yeoch!"

The spanking went on. I smacked her fanny at a steady pace. She drummed her toes on the carpet. This and the ruler made her ass jiggle as the swats rained down. I spanked from the crest of her sit spot to the juncture of buttocks and thighs. The early rectangular red bands caused by the ruler's impact merged into a tomato red glow. Toward the end her yelps became a steady chorus of  "Ohh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh" as the ruler relentlessly thwacked down. She jerked and wriggled, but did not try to escape.

Thwack!...thirty-eight...thwack!...thirty-nine...and thwack! Forty. That was it.

 "There, can you behave now?"  I helped her to her feet.

"Oooh...yes boss...ooh that really stung!" she said, rubbing her inflamed rear.

"That's the idea." I felt better now, my annoyance at her conduct dissipated by the sound smacking of her bottom. However, another condition had popped up.

"Er, boss," she said, eyeing my groin, which gave away my state of arousal, "do you want me to take care of that?"

Part of our weekly ritual involved sex. Not always, and no fucking since she had started going out with Roger, but I would frequently relieve her manually and she liked fellatio. Sometimes there was both.

"You may proceed," I said.

She unzipped me and pulled out my hardened shaft. She caressed it for a moment, then, licking her lips took me into her mouth. The things she could do with her lips and tongue! I came in jolting spasms and she greedily swallowed every drop.

"You?" I said. She shook her head.

"I need to go. You know,... Roger. I'm having him over to my apartment for dinner."

I knew. Lucky Roger. He won't know what hit him tonight. Yeah, she was going to literally have him for dinner in her state. Someday I was going to have to take the boy aside and explain his girlfriend to him, but then that would be the end of all this. Well,...maybe later.

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