The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Friday, October 17, 2014

F/M Spanking Story Sunday -- Case Histories 28 and 15

We turn now from the fantasies and purple prose of pulp fiction to the clinical case study. Written by the learned Dr. Henry, Phd, LLM and BMF, too, these erudite studies are grand examples of literary restraint, given the rather lurid subject matter -- the discipline and sexual initiation of the young man. It might have tempted some to get carried away with the descriptions of what transpired, but not Dr. Henry....oh no, not the good doctor.


Hal P. is a college graduate, age twenty−seven, who has an excellent job as a junior executive. He is under the full control of his 25−year−old wife, Doris. However, his situation is quite unusual in that he was first brought under control by his future mother−in−law, who still participates regularly in disciplining him. Here is Hal's report:
“I have a very beautiful but demanding young wife, who wants her own way and knows how to get it. I also have a buxom and charming mother−in−law of forty−five, who is likewise adept at getting her own way. During two years of courtship and three years of marriage, I have been brought completely under their control, and I do mean completely! And this includes old−fashioned spankings administered by both wife and mother−in−law as well as other humiliations!

“My mother−in−law is an attractive platinum blonde who stands 5'4” in her stocking feet and weighs about 140. She is more muscular than plump, with broad shoulders and hips and heavy but shapely legs. She is very chic and loves to wear modern style clothes, including very short skirts and patterned stockings. She has a highly domineering personality but is very tactful, and can take complete control of a situation without making it obvious.

“My wife Doris is a junior version of her mother, blonde and very well built. She has a plump but also trim figure, with full but very pretty legs. She also loves to wear short skirts, and often wears black or textured stockings. She really looks like a dream and has a personality to match. At the same time, she is really the boss and no one knows it better than I. If she wants something, I know I had better produce or else.
“My mother−in−law began asserting herself over me shortly after Doris and I started going together. She began by telling me what to do at times and warning me about things, such as staying out too late. I had had no strong feminine influence before and, contrary to what one might expect, did not resent her but in fact admired her for being so assertive. When Doris and I started going steady, her mother became even more
assertive. Several times right in front of Doris, I stood there blushing while her mother delivered a no−nonsense pointed−finger scolding.
“On such occasions, she would often conclude the lecture by telling me that what I needed was a 'real old fashioned spanking.'

Although I blushed beet red, I never dreamed that she was really serious. Then came the day I don't suppose I'll ever forget. It occurred over an incident that took place on a Saturday afternoon. It was more or less the straw that broke the camel's back, coming just after one of those scoldings that I mentioned before. This time there was no scolding. Instead, Doris' mother asked me to step into the spare bedroom with her. She closed the door behind her. She had never done this before, and naturally I suspected that something was in the wind.
“In a rather quiet but determined tone of voice, she told me that the scoldings obviously hadn't worked and that it was apparent that stronger measures were necessary. She then told me that if I wished to continue going with Doris, I would have to take the spanking she was going to give me. Despite all of the comments I had heard in the past, it still struck me like a thunderbolt. I could tell that she was serious and there wasn't any point arguing with her. Since I was wild about Doris, there was no alternative. Blushing beet red, I told her I would take the spanking.

“As she started to pull a wooden chair out to the middle of the room, I could feel my heart pounding wildly. In a haze, I saw her bring out a mean looking wooden paddle. Although it looked formidable, I was more humiliated than scared. I kept trying to tell myself that it would be over quickly and that, at my age, it wouldn't hurt too much. She stood by the chair, paddle in hand, and directed an appraising eye at my trousers. 'Drop your pants, young man!' I heard her say.

“I was too stunned to disobey. Mechanically I obeyed, flushing scarlet with embarrassment and feeling weak in the knees. As my trousers slid down to my ankles, she seated herself on the chair. With dismay and utter humiliation, I realized that she actually intended to take me over her knees. I had half expected to be told to bend over the back of the chair, which would have been a little bit adult, but going over her lap like a kid was just too mortifying.
“Scarlet with shame, I got into position over her knees. I found myself arched on my stomach over her capable lap, my feet extended in one direction and supported by my hands which were pressed downward on the floor. I could feel the blood rushing to my head. I held my breath, hoping that the spanking would soon be over with. It was not. Instead, there was one final preparation which I had never dreamed she would dare take. “With a sudden shock, I felt her hands at the waistband of my shorts, drawing them downward. With a horrified gasp, I pleaded with her not to do such a thing to me. She simply ignored me and continued pulling them down with deliberate slowness. I thought I would die of embarrassment. Finally, she pulled them down
to around my knees and my mortification was complete.
“Then came my first spanking. I had absolutely no idea that a paddle could sting and burn that much when applied by a well built woman. She was not the least bit gentle about it, and every swat of that paddle cracked and popped. It wasn't long until I was simply burning up. The pain was so intense that I simply had to give way to tears and yelps despite the embarrassment. As I squirmed about on her lap, her dress worked up over her stockings and to my extreme embarrassment I quickly developed an erection! Knowing that she could undoubtedly feel it pressing against her, I knew my face was as red as my bottom.

“The sudden realization that Doris could hear everything made it even worse. I didn't know if I could ever face her again. Finally, the spanking came to a halt. Tearfully replacing my clothing, I did my best to conceal my erection. She said nothing but gave me a self−satisfied smile, pulled down her skirts and left the room. The minute she left, Doris came in. I made quite a sight red−faced and tearful with a noticeable bulge in my pants despite myself. Doris was quite understanding at the time, although she still teases about how exquisitely embarrassed I looked at the time.

“I soon learned that there would be more spankings if I continued seeing Doris. It was about a week later when Doris' mother again asked me to step into the spare bedroom with her. This time, to my embarrassment, I developed an erection while lowering my trousers. She noticed it and walked over to a closet, telling me to get my shorts down. My cheeks burning, I dropped the shorts and stood there as she came back from the closet carrying a rubber prophylactic! Red−faced and as embarrassed as I was excited, I stood there while she calmly and quite expertly rolled the rubber down over my stiff penis, remarking matter−of−factly that that
would come in handy in case of an accident.

“She then pulled the chair out to the middle of the room again. Before seating herself, she reached down and lifted the hem of her skirt nearly to her hips, revealing pretty stockinged legs and milk white tapering thighs. As she sat there, I couldn't help staring at her attractive lap. At her command, I stretched out across it with my rubbered penis pressing firmly against her cobwebby nylons. That second spanking was just as hard as the first, and while twisting and squirming around on her plump thighs I climaxed right into the rubber.
“Afterwards she held me across her lap for a few moments, and remarked that she was quite pleased that I obviously approved of her type of disciplining. She then added that perhaps I was now ready for some more intimate discipline. While I gasped in dismay, she quite frankly told me that she expected me to go down for her! I had never done such a thing before, and didn't know whether or not I could. She allowed me to slide off her lap until I was kneeling between her thighs. She was wearing a garter belt but no panties, and I found myself looking right up into her vulva.

“While she held her legs wide apart, I leaned forward and pressed my face against her cleft. She reacted with a pleased twitch and I began licking her all over. In no time she became damp and sticky and I could feel the hair smearing my face as I worked my tongue back and forth. It was a good thing that I was still wearing the rubber as I climaxed again! In a short time, she became quite excited and began telling me exactly how she wanted to be caressed. I followed her instructions to the letter and she soon reached an orgasm.
“Following that, of course, I was completely under her domination and there were other similar sessions in the spare bedroom. Doris soon became aware of all the details, and was quite intrigued by them. Naturally, it wasn't surprising that she soon began insisting that I give her the same 'treat' I was giving her mother. Of course, I complied.
“Around this time, Doris and I began talking seriously about marriage. Doris agreed to accept my ring, provided that we would have an engagement period of at least a year and that I would remain under discipline during this time. Although I wanted a much shorter engagement period, the following year proved to be both exciting and interesting. There was no let up in the discipline, and I learned to accept it as a regular part of my life. Shortly after we became engaged, Doris' mother decided that it would be a good idea for Doris to learn how to use the paddle. I nearly died with embarrassment at the next spanking session when the door was left open and Doris stood there watching the whole thing with obvious approval, including the cunnilingus afterwards. Thereafter, Doris was a regular witness at the spanking sessions.

“After she had witnessed a number of spankings, Doris was permitted to take over with the paddle. She had been waiting for the chance and made the best of it. While her mother supervised, she really set me on fire with the paddle. Afterwards, her mother stood there watching while I paid tribute to Doris' charms. After that, Doris and her mother took turns dishing out the spankings. They soon made it a rule that regardless of which one had spanked me, I still had to perform cunnilingus with both of them afterwards.

“As the year long engagement began to draw to an end and we started to make wedding plans, it was understood that this type of disciplining would continue after our marriage and that this meant my being under the control of both Doris and her mother, who was going to live with us. Doris took the paddle along on our honeymoon and found several occasions to use it. During the three years that have elapsed since then, Doris
and her mother have kept me under very strict control.”


In the following report, Carol N., a 17-year-old high school student, describes what happened when her cousin, a year older, moved in with them:
“Until last fall, I had never heard of spankings for teenage boys. However, I have heard a lot
about spankings for teenage girls, as I happen to be a young lady of seventeen who has never been considered too old for a spanking. As much as I hate those horrible sessions, always skin bare and across mom's knees with that awful old hairbrush of hers, I will admit that a spanking makes me behave like a lady.

“Last fall, a cousin of mine, who is a year older than I, started boarding with us while attending
college. I thought I would die the first time I got spanked after he moved in because I knew he
could hear me carrying on and could probably even hear those loud smacks of mom's brush on my bare bottom. Afterwards, my cousin seemed to think that it was all quite amusing, but then mother told him that he wouldn't think it was so funny when he was on the receiving end.
“As I said, I had never heard of spankings for teenage boys and I was as amazed as he was. When he replied that he was too old for that, she remarked that she would see about that. I didn't think anything would ever come of it, and I don't think that he did either. Then came the night he came home with beer on his breath. Right then and there he learned that he wasn't too old to be spanked!

“Mother was simply furious when she called him into her bedroom. She had her hairbrush in hand, and there was no doubt in my mind what she was planning to do. She didn't close the door, and I remained in the hall where I could see and hear everything. When she told him to get his pants
down, I think he was too stunned to do anything but obey. I didn't know boys were so modest and I couldn't avoid smiling when I saw how he was blushing. He was really cute.

“She sat down on the side of the bed and made him bend right down over her lap just like I have to do. She lost no time pulling his shorts down out of the way. You should have seen his horrified
expression and the even redder blushes that followed! I had never dreamed of seeing a boy spanked like this, of course, and must admit that I was really looking forward to seeing it. I wasn't

Believe me, mother really put that hairbrush to him but good. She spanked up one side and down the other, just like she does with me. I soon learned that boys aren't any braver about taking a
spanking than girls. My cousin howled and carried on just like I do when that brush was being put to him, squirming and kicking and pleading with her to stop. Although I knew how much that
hairbrush can sting and burn, he did look awfully cute carrying on like that and I really couldn't
blame mother for giving him a good dose with the hairbrush. She must have used the brush for five solid minutes.

“His face was as red as his bottom when he stood up to replace his clothes. To my amazement, I
noticed that his prick had worked up bone hard during that workout over mom's knees! Although he tried to conceal it, I could tell that mother was aware of it too. Remembering how he had been
amused at my spanking, I deliberately gave him a knowing smile and smug look as he tearfully
retreated to his room with an obvious bulge in his pants. Mother and I had a long talk about it
afterward and, while nothing really specific was said, I could tell that she was quite intrigued by
the masculine reaction he had shown.

“In the weeks that followed, my 'naughty' older cousin got considerably more spankings than I did. However, mother started closing the door when she took him to her bedroom and that spoiled the fun as far as I was concerned. However, one afternoon when I got out of school early, I heard some distinct noises from upstairs just as I was coming in the door. Obviously, they weren't expecting me that early and I decided to sneak up the stairs to see what I could. I can tell you that it was some revelation!

“The bedroom door was wide open and I could see everything. Mother was seated on the side of the bed with her legs wide apart and her dress up around her waist. Completely nude, my cousin was kneeling between her legs with his head buried right in her pussy! I gasped and stood there wide eyed, but they were too occupied to notice me. His head was moving back and forth and mother was looking down at him. I noticed her hairbrush at her side. She was fully clothed except for her panties, which were on the floor, and was even wearing her stockings. 'Lick me all over young man!' I heard her tell him sternly.

“My first reaction upon seeing them was that they were having an affair. However, when I realized that mother was still mostly dressed, had the hairbrush handy and was talking bossily to him, I realized that she was making him do that to her as part of his punishment! Now I realized why he got so many more spankings than I did! And of course it helped to explain why he went along so willingly when mother escorted him to the bedroom.

“I stood there transfixed as he continued to caress her orally. As he did so, mother kept chiding
him at great length, telling him how ashamed he must be at having to go down for a woman and so on.
Finally, she told him to get over her knee for his spanking. As he got into position over her lap,
I could see that his prick was bone hard. She began spanking him leisurely but smartly with her
hairbrush. He squirmed around on her lap under the hairbrushing, but there was a lot more to it
than just discomfort! He was pumping his hips back and forth over her lap with continually, shorter

and faster movements. She continued peppering him with the hairbrush. Suddenly he jerked and I saw the white stuff shoot over her thigh.

“I decided to sneak away before my presence was detected. While I was a little shocked by the whole
thing, I was also quite intrigued. I'm not exactly a virgin and decided that it might be amusing if
I tried to get something going with my cousin. During the next couple of weeks, I did such things
as let him see me in bra and pants, deliberately let my skirts hike up while around him, and left
my bedroom door open while removing my stockings after school. It wasn't too long before I could tell that he was noticing me. I began making some rather obvious comments about how excited he got when mother spanked him and hinted rather broadly that I knew quite a few details.

“One afternoon when he and I were alone in the house, I decided to see what might happen. Leaving my bra and panties off, I put on a flimsy summer dress together with a garter belt and some dark nylons. Picking up mom's hairbrush, I strolled into his room and gave him a knowing smile. 'I've decided that you need a spanking!' I told him. 'And since mother isn't here, I'm going to have to
give it to you myself!'

“Naturally he was completely speechless and just stared at me. I sat down on the side of his bed,
deliberately pulling my dress up until my stocking tops were on view. 'Hurry up and get ready!' I
told him. 'I'm going to spank you exactly like mother does!'

“I emphasized the word 'exactly' and pulled my dress up a little higher. From where he was sitting,
I'm sure that he could see that I was wearing no panties. I could see that his pants were beginning
to bulge a little. 'Hurry uptake all your clothes off just like you do when mother spanks you!' I
urged him.

“He didn't hesitate any longer. Standing up, he quickly started removing his clothes. In a moment
he was standing there completely naked with his big prick standing straight up. I quickly yanked my dress up around my waist and spread my legs apart. I pointed toward my pussy with one finger.
'Start licking it all over just like you do mother!' I told him.

“Looking a little embarrassed, he instantly knelt between my legs and pressed his lips against my
vulva. Up to that point, it had just been a little teasing game that I really hadn't expected him
to go along with, but when his tongue started going all over me it was something else! My cunt 
was hot and sticky in nothing flat. I don't know whether mother had taught him all those tricks or
whether he had learned them some place else, but he really knew how to do it. I could hear his
mouth smacking up my juices, and I was nearly breathless. I pulled back from him and quickly got out of my dress. 'Go ahead and fuck me!' I told him."

He looked considerably surprised as I stretched out on the bed, my legs apart and drawn back at
the knees.I was too sexed up to even take time to remove my garter belt and hose. In a few seconds he was mounting me, and I grabbed that sleek cock of his to help him get it started. I gasped as I felt it spreading the walls of my vagina. He shoved it in nearly to the cervix and started pumping back and forth. Boy, did he ever give it to me! I wrapped my arms and legs around him and held on for dear life until we both climaxed.

“That was the beginning of a delightful affair that has been going on for several months now. We both still get spanked by mother, but today it has a different meaning for me. Whereas it used to be nothing but pain and blisters as far as I was concerned, today I get all sexed up just thinking about the things my cousin and I are going to do afterward and how he is going to lick my red bottom all over for me. And when he is in the bedroom with mother, I get all sexed up just thinking about what's going on. Afterwards, we play a little  game where he shows me exactly what mother 'made' him do. Needless to say, there are quite a few occasions when he and I deliberately misbehave just to make things interesting.”

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