The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Romance of Spanking

The Romance of Spanking: The Complete Collection is now available at the Blushing Books ebook store at a special discounted price.

The link is HERE

What you get: 20 stories, over 100,000 words. That is a lot of value for $4.95.

Here are some samples:

From “The One Room Schoolhouse”

Now she had to face the music. Someone brought out a sturdy armless chair. Tom Larkin sat down and rolled up his right sleeve. Hannah watched anxiously. He motioned for Hannah to approach his right side. He figured he’d spank her just like a misbehaving child. Hannah gulped. This was so embarrassing. Over his lap she went. Her feet came off the floor and she had to grasp a chair rung for support. She gritted her teeth as Tom raised her skirts in back to expose the target area. He had raised his hand to deliver the first smack when Mildred said, “Wait. Her drawers should come down. That is the point of this. She should get it the same as my Bobby.”
Hannah had to wait like that while they discussed the state of her drawers; but in the end, all were in agreement. The drawers would have to come down. Hannah blushed anew when she felt Tom Larkin’s fingers in the waistband of her drawers. He peeled them down, exposing her bare bottom for all to see. Her feelings of acute embarrassment, however, were interrupted by the sting of the first smack of the deputy’s capable palm. It had landed forcefully on her left bottom cheek. Another crisp smack fell on her right cheek. Both smacks stung and Hannah realized she was in for an ordeal.

From “Sun Valley Serenade”

I decided to call her bluff. “Ok. Let’s go.” I led her over to the sofa and instructed her to bend over. Allison nonchalantly bent over the back of the sofa, sticking her fanny out. She was wearing a T-shirt and sweat pants, the thick kind. Still, I could see that she had a very cute butt. I stood behind her and patted her bottom with the paddle. She was breathing heavily now. Nervous as a cat. I drew back and popped her bottom with the paddle. It made a muffled whap! Then I whacked her again. Then three more times. She stood up.
“Satisfied?” She was standing, arms folded. “It didn’t hurt a bit. See those kids weren’t really hurt. So it was no big deal.” She was defensive, trying to justify her own lack of fortitude earlier.
“Yeah, because you are wearing those thick sweat pants,” I observed. “Didn’t you say their PJ’s came down?”
She grimaced. Caught. “Uh, yeah, I guess.” She realized that she had indeed said that.
“So?” I waited expectantly. “You can’t feel anything through those. We might as well not even do this.”
“Ok, ok,” she sighed. “So what do we do?”
“Well, I suggest this.” I took her by the wrist and led her around to the front of the couch. I sat down and before she could react I had flipped her, face down, across my knees. “I don’t want you running away.”
“Oh, no!” she said, squirming.
“Also, these should come down.” And I put my fingers in the waistband of the sweat pants.
“B-but….wait, you can’t…” She protested. I reminded her that the kids got it with PJ’s down. That probably meant bare. I was letting her keep her panties up. She stopped protesting.
I peeled her baggy sweats down to reveal the cutest little butt I’d ever seen, clad in very brief flowered panties that left her lower bottom cheeks quite exposed.
  I gripped the paddle. “Ready?” I asked.
She replied with a muffled “yes”.
I put my hand on her back, tapped her bottom with the paddle and raised my arm.
Crack! The paddle hit low, square across the divide of both bottom cheeks.
That swat got an instant reaction. “Ouch! That hurt!”
“Now we’re getting somewhere,” I observed. “That was one. I think you said twenty?”
“Oooh, yes, but please not so hard,” she pleaded.
“It’s a paddling, Allison. You don’t get to decide,” I said cracking the paddle down again. The little bottom bounded and rippled. I dealt out more slow and deliberate smacks. She wriggled around, but I put my hand in the small of her back and held her down. The paddle popped her cute bottom cheeks and I could see a reddish hue through the flimsy panties.

From “A Princess of Vernonia”

The day dawned bright. At least it promised to be warm, thought Alisha grimly as she prepared. Knowing she was to be stripped she had her ladies array her hair in a plait and chose a simple white shift. As she waited she chanced to peer from her window to the courtyard below. What she saw sent a shiver up her spine. A frame had been constructed, obviously for her, at the center of the courtyard. It was a tall tripod with front legs placed close together. A crossbar spanned the two legs at waist height. Someone had thoughtfully placed burlap padding on the crossbar. The purpose was obvious. She would be bent forward across the cross bar, buttocks thrust out to receive the whip lashes. She tightened and felt behind her with her hands. Soon her rear cheeks would be a throbbing mass of pain.

From “The Beresford Heiresses”

I'd never seen a spanking before. I hadn't had one myself since I'd been a little kid, but being on the receiving end as a six year old and watching a fully grown woman go over a man's knee for a paddling are two different things. I found it to be both terrifying and erotic. It was one of the sexiest, most knee knocking things I'd ever seen. John sat down and motioned for Heather to come over. "Stand right here to my right and pull up your skirt." Heather looked around as if expecting the cavalry to arrive and save her, but it was plain that this was really going to happen.
"Oh my God this is so ridiculous," she huffed. Getting her skirt up was easier said than done. Both girls were wearing skirts that were figure hugging tight and Heather had to wriggle while tugging to get it up over her hips. Eventually she did revealing a lush bottom clad in flimsy French cut panties set off by black stockings hooked to a garter belt.
John took her by the arm and pulled her across his knee, depositing her face down and bottoms up. He shifted her forward until her bottom was perched at the apex of his lap. He then inserted his fingers in the elastic of those little panties and Heather squealed, "No! No!" John ignored her and yanked the panties down to her knees, baring her shapely bottom. She turned ten shades of red and squirmed.
 John had her pinned over his lap, bottom cocked up high, a perfect target. He was over six feet tall and solid. She was five foot eight and of course, much lighter. She tried to wriggle but it was no contest. He turned to Janet and said, "How many spanks make up a good sound one?" Janet said, "No set number---three or four minutes worth or until she changes her attitude."

From “One Hot Summer Night”

“Oh!” she squeaked in surprise. “What are you doing?” But she was afraid she knew. She was in position for a spanking. She struggled. She didn’t want this, she wanted to tease him some more. But he kept her pinned down over his knee. He was stronger than she and, wriggle though she might, she could not break his grip. Her lush bottom was now upended over his right knee. He pulled her farther over. Her head flopped toward the floor, her bottom jutted up.
He now had her positioned like he wanted, dangling over his knee helplessly. He patted her bottom, smoothing the skirt down, outlining the rounded shape of the twin ovals. She felt his hand patting her bottom and she shivered, partly in embarrassment and partly in anticipation.
Then he raised his hand and brought it down with a sharp smack on her right bottom cheek. She squealed in protest at this indignity. His hand rose again and found her left cheek. The feel of her bottom under his hand was heavenly. The girl’s flesh was soft and resilient. Time to push this a little. He applied a volley of medium intensity smacks, alternating from cheek to cheek. She squirmed, trying to escape.
“Stop! Stop! Ohhh…let me up!” The spanks created a not unpleasant tingle. Still it was humiliating to be treated like a small child. She wriggled in protest.
But instead he gave her a few more smacks, then he paused.  It wasn’t that intense. She had deliberately teased him. He had to up the ante in this game. Up with her skirt? Should he? Damn right, he thought grimly. His hand went to the hem of her skirt. She realized what he was about to do and shrieked, “No! Don’t!”
But up came her skirt, revealing her pantied bottom even as she struggled and flailed. His eyes feasted on the full rounded cheeks of her bottom clad in very brief nylon panties that were so sheer he could see everything. He rested his hand on her satiny behind for a minute before resuming the spanking. This time the smacks sounded crisper. He could see the cheeks wobble with each impact.
She was beside herself. How dare he? He had lifted her skirt, baring her. Oh, it was embarrassing. The spanking was generating a prickly heat, not really hurting. It was the shameful position he had her in. Her bottom was on rude display. She was vulnerable and helpless to prevent him from smacking her as much as he wanted. But then she realized that the sting of his palm on her bottom was causing other changes in her body. She was getting moist between her legs. A steady heat was building in her rear cheeks and that heat was transferring itself unbidden to her sex.

From “A Pirate’s Tale”

It seemed the entire crew stopped what they were about and stood, watching us. He loudly declared, so all could hear, that he had told me in no uncertain terms to stay below. I told him how silly I thought that order because to me there was no reason why I could not be on deck. Some of the men gasped at my effrontery and looked at their captain to see what he would do. Well, Cecily, what he did was horrible and humiliating, not to mention painful. He gripped my wrist and tugged me roughly across the deck to his cabin. He literally threw me inside and slammed the door behind him, securing it with a latch.
I had no idea of his intentions, but clearly he was angry. He scolded me as if I were a child and that was bad enough, but what came next was worse. He took my hand and pulled me to him as he sat on his bunk. I was pulled forward until I lay face down across his thighs. He lifted my skirts in back until my drawers were exposed to his gaze. Telling me he meant to teach me a lesson in obeying a captain’s orders, he commenced to spanking my bottom with the flat of his hand. I was helpless to stop him, held as I was over his knees. His rough palm smacked my bottom over and over until it stung quite atrociously. I called him a cad and a brute. He asked me if I would now obey him and I said “never”. Well that was a mistake, Cecily, because he said something about making this memorable. Before I knew it his hands were at the waistband of my drawers and he had whisked them to my knees baring my bottom! I shrieked at this new outrage but he ignored me and proceeded to apply his hand most forcefully to my bared buttocks, now on such shameful display. I cannot describe how awful it felt to be spanked like a child by this man. Not the least of it was that it truly hurt. Smack after smack was applied to my burning bottom---I thought he’d never stop. I shamelessly squealed and kicked my legs but he kept on. I vowed not to cry, but under the stinging onslaught visited upon my bottom, my best intentions failed and I cried and sobbed and eventually begged for mercy.
He pulled me up and pushed me back on the bed. I was absolutely mortified because surely the crew had heard the whole thing, the smacking of his hand and my childish cries. Ohh, how I hate him!!

From “Jacque and the Professor”

Alex ran his hand through his hair in a gesture of frustration. “I don’t know where to start. This stuff you put inside my door yesterday is terrible. You can’t turn this in. I mean, how did you do this so badly after all the work we’ve put in? It’s like one step forward and two steps back.”
“So the F means ‘flunk’?”
Alex nodded in the affirmative.
“Well, I can explain. You see my friend Marci came to town, and I haven’t seen her in months and she’s such a dear friend, and she really likes to shop, you see, and so I spent a lot of time with her, and then we have these other friends and we all thought, great, let’s go out and….” She was prattling non stop.
Alex put his hand up. “Those are your excuses for preparing shoddy work?”
She started to talk but he stopped her again. He shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. You know, you are wasting my time and yours. And your money.”
Jacque was so chagrinned over this. She had screwed up royally. And so he was scolding her. As he should. She should have told Marci she had to study. “Please,” she entreated Alex. “I won’t pull this again. I promise. Your help has been really valuable and I need it. I-I’ll work harder. Promise.”
Alex raised his eyebrows. “You will?”
“Yes, please. Anything.” She paused, thinking. “I know,” she said brightly. “I’ll make dinner for you. Oh, I’m not as good a cook and everything, but I do make a great mac and cheese and…”
Alex stood, arms folded. “That wasn’t the deal.”
“The deal?” Jacque was confused. “What deal?”
“The one you insisted on,” said Alex, very matter-of-factly.
The deal? Oh, no, she suddenly realized. THAT deal!
Alex came toward her and took her by the wrist. “You remember my little story? Heloise and Abelard?” He was tugging her toward the couch. “Well, since the carrot hasn’t worked, it’s time for the stick.”
“Oh, no,” she sputtered, stumbling after him off balance as he pulled closer to the sofa. He sat down and flipped her face down across his lap. “Eeeek!” she squawked. As she wriggled her short pleated skirt rose up in back. He was going to be able see her panties! “Uh, Alex, now there must be some other way. Uh, I’m too old for this.”
“I think it’s Dr. Hardin while I have you in this position, and in my opinion you are not too old for a spanking, and, I’m going to give you one according to our previous arrangement. Are you ready?”

From “Kidnapped”

“Tiffany, what in the world were you thinking, girl? You gave us all quite a scare.” Great Aunt Griselda was clearly not pleased.
“I…it was all just a prank Aunt Griselda. I was out of money. Daddy would have sent it anyway, and…”
“A prank, was it? A prank? Your daddy isn’t here,” said the woman, her face hardening. She was looking angrier by the minute. Haley was glad she wasn’t in Tiffany’s shoes. “And he would have never sanctioned this. First, skipping out on school—aren’t you having classes now? And then concocting a…a kidnapping, of all things, just to get your hands on some spending money?”
For once, Tiffany didn’t say anything.
“When I was a young girl, if I had pulled just one iota of what you just pulled, my daddy, who was your great grandfather, would have marched me out to our woodshed, stripped down my drawers and whipped my backside with his strap ‘til it was purple.”
Tiffany pouted. “Well, this isn’t 1920 or whenever that was, Aunt Griselda, and daddy would never do that to me anyway. So, I’m sorry. There, I said it. I guess you want me to go back to school now.”
“Oh, you are going back to school, Tiffany. And Mr. Keller is going to take you and your friend back tonight. But with regard to your daddy, I have talked to him. It was just minutes ago and he is very angry with you. Yes, we had a heart-to-heart talk about you.” Great Aunt Griselda then frowned, her eyes boring into Tiffany’s. “And for all the trouble you’ve caused, your father has authorized me to punish you appropriately.”
“What?” said Tiffany. “Punish me? You can’t be serious. Just what do you mean by that? You’re in New York. I don’t want to listen. I could just turn this TV off.” Tiffany was blathering nervously now.
“That’s right, Tiffany. I’m in my office in New York. But Mr. Keller is right there with you. And he has your father’s authorization and mine.” Tiffany gaped at the TV in astonished disbelief as the implication finally hit home. Then she looked at Jason. He was leaning against the wall casually, a thin smile on his face. Aunt Griselda’s expression turned hard. “For some time, Tiffany, your father and I have felt that you have been entirely too undisciplined. Much rotten behavior has gone unpunished. But this scene is the last straw.”
Aunt Griselda smiled triumphantly. “So you will be punished, girl. Right now. Mr Keller will stand in as proxy for both your father and I.”
Haley grasped the implication before Tiffany did. Keller’s half jocular comment about Tiffany needing a spanking bubbled up in her memory. A knot of excitement began to form in her stomach.
“Mr. Keller, if you will.”
“Yes, ma’am,” said Jason, advancing toward Tiffany.
 “I think a sound spanking will teach Tiffany a good lesson. I want you to put this young lady over your knee, peel down her bikini bottoms, such as they are, and spank her bottom good and hard. I’ll tell you when to stop.”
“As you wish,” said Jason.

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