The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Saturday, November 8, 2014

F/M Sunday -- Katy in Control by Grant Antrews

Today for F/M Sunday I'm hosting Grant Antrews on a blog tour for his new book, Katy in Control.
Grant writes very fine F/M erotica. In fact these are romances, only with an F/M orientation, which is singularly unique. In fact, I know of no other author that writes romances from an F/M perspective. The only one that comes to mind is Anne Rice's Exit to Eden. The Amazon link is HERE.

There are prizes to be given away too. Go here:

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Here is an excerpt:

Toward the end, he strained against his bonds, clearly seeking any molecule of relief that might be available, and there was none. Mistress was punishing him now. The foreplay had been fun, but this was something far more serious. At the twenty-seventh cut of the rattan cane, we heard him whine slightly and I was about to intervene, but then the magic of S&M washed over him.

You could see it! Mistress Mary whispered, “He’s transcending.” His muscles seemed to relax. I watched him suck in a chestful of air and grit his teeth. Surprisingly, he found a way to flex his buttocks, to separate them and offer Mistress a broader, more available target. His breathing became steadier. She tapped him low, in the sensitive crease where his buttocks met the thighs, drew back, and delivered a vicious blow. He stiffened visibly, he had felt it to his soul, but he strained to defy it and offer himself more blatantly than ever.

She struck again, just a fraction of an inch below the last. He grunted deep inside but strained to welcome another. It had become a contest, and I was simply amazed. Maria hefted her wicked implement, lifted it high overhead, and went up on tiptoes as if serving a tennis ball, and then she exploded into action and delivered a stroke that brought a squeal from my lover’s lips. Once again, he struggled to defy it, to offer his flesh up for more. And again, and yet again.

Mistress Mary paused and touched David’s shoulder with her gloved fingers.

“That was thirty-three, David. You’re nearly done. You’re resilience is astounding, my dear! I’m going to deliver the last three in quick succession. They will hurt you, of course, but then it will be over. I’m going to ask Mistress Katherine to apply your punishment strokes, and I’ll suggest she go back to the strap instead of the cane. I’m near to drawing blood, David, but I won’t let that happen. Can you gather yourself and ask me to finish?”

He shivered. Fastened as he was, I couldn’t believe his body could move so much. But he spoke clearly, once again almost defying her. “Please finish it, Mistress Mary. I am trying!”

The last sounded forced. He must be suffering terribly!

She was merciless. I thought she would lighten her attack, but no. Each of the last three was delivered viciously, the cane shrieking as it sliced through the air and smacked home like a pistol shot. David squirmed, struggling to regain his composure. She gave him no time as another cruel cut fell across his wounded bottom, and then a third. He groaned, clearly struggling. Mistress Mary looked to me, strutting slightly, smiling as she placed the cane in its rack. “How many penalty strokes has he earned, JoAnne?” Her voice boomed in the quiet chamber.

“Eight, Mistress.” JoAnne’s voice was a whisper.

“Eight, Mistress Katherine. With the leather strap, full across his bottom.”

I hesitated. I was so deep in my reverie, so close to climax, so fascinated at the sight of my husband’s mottled, wounded body that I didn’t think I could move.

“Katherine?” Mistress was eager to see me perform.

“I think he’s had enough, Mistress.” I did not want him injured.

“David, you have earned eight penalty strokes. Your lover wants to let you off. What do you want?”

“I want them, Mistress Mary. Please, Katy!” It was a whisper through clenched teeth. He needed to see it through.

“Twelve, Katherine. He was instructed to address you as Mistress. You must punish disobedience, girl. Especially this early in his training.” She brought the strap and held out the wooden handle.

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