The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Saturday, December 13, 2014

More Letters to Mr.

Remember Mr.Magazine? It was one of the many “men’s magazines” that mixed cheesecake photos with fiction and articles. In the 1960’s and 1970’s it ran a Letters to the Editor column that was devoted almost exclusively to spanking. The letters sound authentic, but…who knows? My suspicion is that once the column got popular, staff writers took over. At one point I could swear that some were penned by Will Henry, just based on the writing style. Anyway, here is a sampling:

Dear MR.:
I like MR. Magazine the best.  I like the letters on spanking in the Dear MR. column best, and Wild, Wild World.  But thought the article by Ted Forest (Women For Spanking, in the December issue) was very good.  I agree with him that a lot more girls want to be spanked than some think.  I’m an old man now but like to read about other people’s fun.
When I was in my teens I got started spanking girls.  I had a neighbor girl that kept telling me about spanking she had had and about spanking that other girls had too, and the way they had been spanked.  It was always a bare bottom spanking.  Then one day when we were alone I turned her over my knee and spanked her.  But I didn’t want to hurt her much so didn’t spank her hard enough to do much good.

Then later one night, when we were parking, she made me angry enough that I warmed her bottom good and I sure was surprised at her reaction.  That was when I began to learn about spanking girls.  I spanked all but two of the girls I dated and I’m very sure that they all wanted to be spanked.  But it seems that none of them will admit that they do.  One of the two girls I didn’t spank married a man that spanked her, and still did when she was 45 years or so old.  And she loved him a lot.
I spanked the girl I marred before and after I married her until she was about fifty years old.  She wouldn’t tell me that she wanted to be, but it wasn’t hard to tell that she did.  We always had sex after a spanking.

The best times we had in our married life was when I’d take her into the bedroom and take off her panties then turn her over my knee and give her a long spanking.  I wouldn’t spank her to hard but I’d keep spanking her until she had several orgasms and her bottom was red all over the well-rounded part.  Never spank too high on their bottom or on their thighs, just the well-rounded part.  Then have sex as many times as you can as long as her bottom feels warm.  It is really wonderful.
And another thing, the next day you can’t maker her angry if you try.  I’ve never known a wife that was treated that way to ever get a divorce.
M.F., Missouri
Dear Mr. Camillo:
Those German young ladies you wrote about (in Wild, Wild World) are not the only ones who get their bottoms well spanked.  I am 20 year of age and have four younger sisters.  Our mother is a firm believer in bare-bottomed spankings.  I am the oldest and it’s over a year since I got spanked on my bare fanny twice in the one day.

The younger of my sisters is 13 and hardly a week goes by when one of them doesn’t find herself across Mama’s knees with her panties down.  She always gives two spankings, one after the offense and another a bedtime and do those spanking ever sting.
Less than a week ago Alice, who is 16 got taken upstairs and from the howls coming from the bedroom she got it good and proper.  That same night when we were all ready for bed Alice got her pajama pants lowered and got 50 more spanks on the bare.  Her buttocks were still very red but were a much deeper shade before Mama had finished.  Did Alice dance around the room holding onto her bottom cheeks.
I can very well recall my own last spankings.  In spite of my protests she took me upstairs and after fully exposing my fanny walloped me with the hairbrush.  It took place in the morning for staying out until after one 1 a.m., so I had to wait all day for my second installment.

Was I embarrassed to have my sisters see me get it and I am sure that at least some of them enjoyed the spectacle, especially when Mama hoisted up my nightgown and really laid on that hairbrush in spite of my tearful howls.
That was the last pair of spankings I got and if I never happens again it will be too soon.
M.S., Mass.
Dear Editor:
I discovered “MR.” while in N.Y. recently and got such practical ideas from it that I looked for back numbers and finally got three.  My thanks to J.J. for asking what to do about on insolent teenage sister-in-law, and to W.J. and S.G. for their advice which helped solve a real problem in at least six families in the area.
About six months ago my 17-year-old daughter started going to the juke-box-pizza joints with other high school kids because “everybody did it.”  On occasional Friday or Saturday nights she sometimes didn’t get home until after midnight – in spite of orders to be home by 10:30 p.m.  She also acquired a “steady” of about 18 who came from a nice family we knew well, but who seemed to be just as “juke-box-pizza” minded as the other teenagers.
When they came in late they always made a raid on the refrigerator, which got to be quite annoying to my wife and me.  I wanted to give both kids a good licking, but my wife would have none of that as she said it was the duty of the boy’s parents to correct him and she didn’t think a licking was the right way to take care of our daughter just then.  So, while I read the riot act to them a few times, I knew it as wasted energy as threats not followed by real action never produce results with today’s kids.
However, eventually my wife agreed that an old-fashioned spanking might have merit, and so we had several serious discussions with the boy’s parents – who, fortunately, felt as I did – and worked out a plan we thought would lick both the kids and the problem.
Although one or two things did not work out exactly as planned – even though we thought we had provided for all contingencies – results were amazing, and with the hope that other parents may benefit from our “prescription,” here is what we did.
This particular Friday night four weeks ago I brought the boy’s parents to our house about 10 p.m. and by 11 p.m. everything was ready for the ‘reception.”  Our two kids came in about 11:45 when we were having, as planned a light snack, and they joined us.  When everyone was finished, the boy’s father made an announcement her said concerned both the children.  We said that as repeated requests to stop frequenting pizza joints and pay more attention to their education had gone unheeded, we had decided on another way to impress them with the fact that we intended to be obeyed, and that we were going to give both of them a sound spanking.  We also added that any further disregard of our orders would result in the same kind of punishment.
After that edict the room was so quiet that you could have heard a pin drop.  They were either too amazed to argue, or thought we really didn’t mean it.  We let it sink in for five or ten seconds and then got busy – fast- as planned.
Our plan was to have my wife do the actual spanking of Helen (our daughter) but with the boy’s mother available (if necessary) to help get the girl ready, or hold her in position as the punishment progressed, so as to make sure she would get a suitable punishment across the seat of her panties.  Likewise, I was to stand by to help the boy’s father in the same way.  Thus, each youngster would get spanked by his or her own parent which we felt was definitely desirable.

At a pre-arranged signal we two men grabbed the astonished boy (John) and, simultaneously, the women grabbed Helen and the kids were quickly placed over their respective parent’s knees.  We had arranged the chairs so that the kids would be facing each other with about an eight-foot space between to allow, “working” room for the “free” parent in case this help was needed.  This arrangement gave the kids every opportunity to see what was happening to each other which we felt should be properly embarrassing and help deflate their typical teenage ego.  It also kept the “seat of operations” out of each other’s direct view – which we felt was also important.
Our first surprise came when my wife was taking Helen’s slacks down and I heard her exclaim “What – no panties?  You’re going to get another licking tomorrow for going around like that, young lady, and I’ll give you one every time I catch you without them, too!”
It is quite simple to get a girl’s slacks down as the zipper is on the side, and the women had Helen’s slacks down to her knees in a few seconds in spite of Helen’s stout resistance.  However, as the boy’s zipper was in front it took us longer to get John’s rather tightly fitting trousers pulled down, and then we discovered he had no underpants on, either!
While we had originally planned not to take their under-garments down for the spankings, we now immediately decided to spank them right on the bare skin and , if it hurt more that way, it was their own fault.  We also planned to have both spankers start the actual job at the same time as, by doing that we hoped both kids would be brought to the “bawling point” at about the same time.  But it didn’t quite work out that way.
Both parents started the spanking at the pre-arranged signal and gave the kids the twenty-five smart hand spanks agreed upon as a preliminary “warm-up.”  While this produced plenty of squirming and protesting, as expected, but no real tears or evidence of contrition, the next step was to use the hairbrush.  As each spanker was handed a stout wooden-backed hairbrush and the punishment proceeded with considerable more vigor, the kids quickly became aware of the seriousness of their predicament, but imagine our amazement when it was the boy who first broke down and started to bawl like a baby.  This may have been because his father actually used the brush much harder on him than my wife used her brush on Helen, but then it didn’t take my wife much longer to make Helen start bawling, too, and together, both kids bawling at the same time really made quite a racket!
Now both kids were pleading for their spanking to stop and promising to be very, very good and never go to a pizza joint again, but each parent who was spanking kept laying the spanks on hard until both kids finally gave up and practically collapsed and just bawled.  They certainly didn’t look like brash, brave teenagers as they lay across their parents knees getting their bare bottoms spanked like young babies – and they knew
it because each one saw and heard the other one and must have realized just how foolish they looked and were acting!

They were kept across the knees of their respective parents until they had quieted down a bit and how it was the by who got control of himself fist while Helen continued to bawl for at least five minutes.  Both of their bare bottoms were a deep crimson, of course, but we were careful that there should be no blisters.
When we read the riot act again and let them understand in no uncertain terms what we expected of them in the future, they both tearfully agreed to our rules.  Also, they were apparently so ashamed of having been spanked at their age that they just wouldn’t look at each other.  All in all, we considered that it had been a most successful session.
Helen’s slacks were pulled up and she was told she could go to bed.  She couldn’t get out of the room fast enough and appeared to be thoroughly ashamed of what she had to go through in front of John.  When she was out of the room John was allowed to get up and pull his own trousers up and then his parents took him home.  He was certainly a well-subdued youngster!
We have had no more real trouble with the kids since that time.  Although Helen has been spanked three times since for other well-deserved reasons, John’s parents tell us they have not had to spank him again, so far as that one semi-public spanking in front of his “girl” so embarrassed him that they doubt another spanking will ever be necessary.
We passed our experiences along to other neighbors and friends who had been having similar troubles with their kids and can report that two other boy and girl pairs have gotten the same sort of treatment – that is, were spanked together so that each could see how childish the other looked and acted – and the parents have reported to us that the results have been similar to ours – fine!  I hope the idea spreads and will put some juke-box-pizza joints out of business so more kids will spend their time studying - as they should!
R. B., Wisconsin
Dear Editor,
I was most interested to read the letter in your November issue from the woman who cast a dissenting vote on the subject of spanking teenage daughters.
I don’t doubt that corporal punishment, if carried to extremes, can cause possible psychiatric damage to children. But my question is this — how can you hope to control healthy, spirited youngsters if you don’t occasionally resort to the oldest form of domestic discipline?
Let me cite my own case. I am the mother of two high school age daughters. Both are pretty, popular and full of fun. But, frankly, they are both still children in many ways. My husband and I are aware of the temptations they face. There have been altogether too many instances in our neighborhood where girls have gotten into trouble simply because they were allowed to run wild. My husband and I long ago decided that this wasn’t going to happen to our children.

When the girls were younger I handled all matters of discipline easily enough. Five or six swift swats on the seat of the pants were generally enough to put a naughty girl on an even keel.  But by the time they reached their teens this became a physical impossibility.  I was no longer strong enough to do the job, and both girls resisted me freely, which made the situation worse than ever.  I felt they were losing all respect for me, and for my husband because he allowed the situation to go on.
The older girl, who was at the time I am discussing fifteen, was especially a problem.  She was extremely popular with boys and I think this popularity went to her head.  Both her manners and her school work began to suffer.  Furthermore, she was setting an example for her younger sister that I didn’t like.
We tried a number of forms of punishment — withdrawal of allowance, halting of dating, etc, but found no improvement at all.  Finally, my husband drew the line.  He called both girls together and told them that they were either going to improve their behavior or they could expect some thorough spankings.
I don’t think the girls believed him.  My husband is a large, strong man but generally very gentle and courteous.
Three nights later our older daughter attended a school dance with a boy who is old enough to drive a car.  Before they left, my husband explained that he expected Angela back no later than 11:30.  She looked at her father a little oddly and said that they would “try.”
By midnight she still wasn’t home and my husband was both worried and very angry.  He stormed downstairs to the rumpus room and returned carrying a ping pong paddle which he laid on the arm of his easy chair.
It was well after 12:30 that we finally heard the car pull up in the driveway.  Without a word, my husband rushed out of the house and soon returned dragging a very flustered young lady behind him.  I don’t think that she had ever imagined that her father would ever carry out his threat.  But in a moment, party dress, high heels and all, she found herself stretched out, face down, across his knees.
What followed was certainly a far more thorough spanking than that young lady had ever experienced.  My husband delivered four or five good swats with the paddle which set her to yelling and kicking.  The more she kicked, the angrier he got, and in a moment he pulled up her skirt and really got to the seat of the matter.  There was no more kicking after that and when I led the sobbing girl to bed she was a thoroughly chastised young lady.

While we don’t have a mantle piece in our home, my daughter could certainly have used one that day.  She was certainly in no hurry to sit down on anything.  But on the whole, I don’t think that the pain she experienced was comparable to the embarrassment.
Since then there have been other spankings in our house — not many, but enough to do the job.  My younger daughter received a very thorough paddling for being sent home from school because she was smoking a cigarette.
What has been the effect on the girls?  Marvelous.  Their behavior has improved immensely they are more courteous and, I think, happier.  Not, of course, that they have developed into angels.  But now they think twice before they misbehave, because they know the paddle is hanging right behind the pantry door and they know that their father will apply it whenever and wherever necessary.
Actually, I think they prefer a paddling to the nagging kind of punishments that go on for days or weeks afterward.  A spanking is something that’s over with soon and there are no lingering effects, except for a temporary soreness.
While corporal punishment may not be the answer in every home, it has done wonders in ours.
Mrs. A. E. New York
Dear Editor:

My first year in college I had to live in a dormitory on a floor with about 20 other boys.  So my second year, eager for privacy, I rented a room in a house owned by a divorcee, who lived there with her teen-age daughter.  The daughter, Gail, had her room down the hall from my room.

One night, after I had lived there about a month, I heard my landlady; Mrs. Preston loudly lecturing Gail about staying out too late and Gail yelling back at her.  Soon Gail’s yells had turned to loud crying.  Curious, I snuck down the hall and peeked in Gail’s room.  There was Gail, her jeans and panties down to her knees lying over Mrs. Preston’s lap and receiving a sound spanking from a flat wooden hairbrush.
Gail’s firm young buttocks were turning bright red as she cried and promised not to disobey her mother.  Unfortunately my interest caused me not to be very careful, and Mrs. Preston saw me looking in.  Without stopping spanking, Mrs. Preston called me into the room and told me to sit down. Soon Gail was off her mother’s lap and massaging her crimson behind.
Mrs. Preston then turned to me and began lecturing me about being a peeping Tom and not respecting others’ privacy.  She said she couldn’t permit someone like that in house and I would have to move out in the morning.  Knowing the difficulty I would have finding another place to live at the date, I pleaded with Mrs. Preston to reconsider.  Finally she said I could stay but only if I submitted to a spanking like she gave Gail.  She then got up and said she would meet me in my room in an hour for my decision.
After Mrs. Preston left, Gail, who had now pulled back on her panties and kicked her jeans across the room, warned me against choosing the spanking: “You don’t know how much it will hurt.  It will be a while until I can wear anything tight fitting on my behind.”  To prove a point (I think) she had me feel her bottom, which was still perceptibly warm.
Because of the scarcity of off-campus living places, I had little choice but to choose the spanking when Mrs. Preston came to my room.  Under her instruction I lowered my pants and underwear and stood at her side.  After lecturing me for about five minutes she pulled me across her lap and almost immediately brought the hairbrush down on my bottom. 
The sting was unbelievable and I let out a yell.  Before I had a chance to regain any composure, the hairbrush fell again, and again, and again.  Wave of pain swept through me as she paddled my burning behind.  After about ten spanks I was bawling like a five-year-old as she held me firmly across her knees.  When she finally let me up I “danced” about the room rubbing my stinging bottom.  Never would I have dreamed that a hairbrush could hurt that much, but Mrs. Preston had learned how to use it well.

  In the two years that I have lived in that room I have been over Mrs. Preston’s knees about six times for things such as making too much noise or coming in drunk.  Once when I was unnecessarily rude to Gail, Mrs. Preston had Gail spank me; and twice I have spanked Gail.  I am now treated like one of the family and the advantages certainly offset the sting of the hairbrush, but I am not sure that would say this just after getting up off Mrs. Preston’s lap.

J. D., Florida

Dear Editor:

A copy of MR. was left in our hotel room.  As a mother I was quite interested in the letters pertaining to the use of spanking as a means of punishment.  I still use this method on both of my daughters, Nance 19, and Joan, 26.

The there of us are on a three-week vacation trip.  I am a widow of 46.  Nancy is single and lives with me, Joan is married.  Her husband is on his annual overseas sales trip for six weeks.  While he is gone Joan lives with me.  After dinner this evening I gave the girls permission to remain at the supper club where we had dinner as they had been asked to dance by two young men – one of them single who was Nancy’s partner, the other man married and his wife was with him or I would not have Joan to stay.  I told them to be hack at the motel by 11:00pm.
They overdid thing a bit, came in at 12:30.  I gave both of them a good hard spanking.
  When I punish, I don’t give a quick, over-the-lap spanking.  I add to the humiliation by first undressing my girls.  I then make them sit on my lap while I lecture and scold.  Then I place her over my lap and spank very hard until her bare, bottom turns red.
Being undressed and made to sit on my lap is just as punishing as the spanking.  If one wonders how I get way with spanking my daughters – I am 5’10” tall, 135 lbs., 38-26-37.  I have no fat and I am very strong for a woman.

Have you ever run a series on spankings?  I do believe many parents use this form of punishment but hesitate to let others know, I know of a woman friend of mine who spanks her 18-year-old son and another who spanks her 16 and 18 year-old daughters.  I have also heard of cases of husbands spanking the wife and the wife spanking the husband.
I’ll be waiting for forthcoming issues of MR.
(Mrs.) R. B., Connecticut

Dear Editor:

W. H. expresses surprise at Tony Camillo’s item on the five German girls who got five different kinds of spanking for the same offence.  Actually that’s normal enough.  Even in the same family, parents often have to adapt their disciplinary needs.  In my own case, I have two girls, 15 and 17, and while both are soundly spanked whenever they need it, they don’t get the same kind of spanking at all.
Ginny, the older one, is a blonde, vivacious, excitable little imp – 5’2” and 109 pounds.  She has a firm very round compact little behind that I can still punish very nicely with the back of my hairbrush.  After a half dozen good whacks it’s furiously red, and by the time I’m through she’s absolutely screaming for mercy and promising to reform.  She means it too, and she often goes several weeks without needing a spanking.

Bobbie, on the other hand, is five inches taller and 25 pounds heavier and very full in the hips. She’s a rather lethargic, introverted brunette and by the time she was 13 it was obvious that the hairbrush was no longer getting through to her.  Partly, it’s a physical thing her skin doesn’t get inflamed so quickly and the bruises would start fading days before Ginny’s.  Also, the extra soft padding probably absorbed the impact.  After some experiments with a strap I finally hit on the idea of using a switch cut from an old fiberglass fishing rod.  It proved to be a very fine equalizer.  She yips just as loud as her sister, and takes about the same length of time before she can sit down without wincing at least a little (about 72 hours on the average).  In spite of that she still seems to need a spanking every ten days to two weeks.
Both Bobbie and her mother think I’m unfair (my wife is a glutton for punishment, especially where Ginny is concerned) and think I should use the switch on both girls.  In my opinion that would be the most unfair method I could use.

J. G., New York

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