The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Frank and I --Part 2


Left alone, I sat back and relived the delightful experience. I had keenly enjoyed warming Madeleine's ripe young bottom, and it had detracted less than I expected from my pleasure to leave her drawers on. Indeed, there was a certain piquancy in spanking a soft, pouting bottom through skin-tight silk, and I resolved to repeat the experiment now and then with Frances as a stimulating variant. I greatly regretted my sweet girl's absence; the recent exercise had caused me a rampant erection, and I would gladly have given her the benefit of it.
Harold returned. 'She has locked her door, and won't answer me.'
'Leave it then, my dear boy. Sleep in the next room, and try again in the morning. She may have cooled down by then - in more ways than one.'
However, Madeleine did not appear for breakfast, nor for lunch, sending word that she had a headache. I privately reflected that the discomfort was probably situated in quite another part of her anatomy, but Harold looked troubled. He repeatedly tried to go in and talk to her, but all the reply he could gain through the locked door was 'Go away - I hate you!'
'Don't worry, old fellow,' I remarked as we relaxed in the conservatory after lunch. 'Remember that this will have come as a considerable shock to her amour-propre - she needs time to adjust. If things were really serious, she would have packed and flounced out of the house by now. It may be that she is simply embarrassed to face me. Think, after all, of the rather undignified posture in which I last saw her.'
'No,' said Harold, 'I don't believe it is that - not entirely, at any rate. I think - ' He paused, as if reaching a decision.
'Yes?' I prompted.
'I think Maddy is simply sulking. And it is high time she stopped!'
There was a note of resolution in his voice that I had not heard before. He rose to his feet, saying, 'Excuse me a moment, Charley,' and made for the stairs.
'Oh, Harold,' I called after him. He turned. 'Yes, Charley?'
'You know I hate unnecessary violence. If you ask James, he will furnish you with a key to Madeleine's room from his pantry.'
He grinned. 'Thanks, old man. Wish me luck!'

After he left I sat smoking for a few minutes, but gradually my curiosity got the better of me. Re-entering the house, I walked quietly upstairs.
Even before I reached the landing, I could hear voices raised in altercation, with Madeleine's tones predominating. As I approached along the corridor I saw that the door to her room stood slightly ajar.
As I neared the door, there came a shriek of fury from Madeleine, along with the distinctive sound of a face being slapped. I paused and listened intently. Another shriek followed, but this time its tone was one of wild indignation, soon succeeded by another sound, one that always came as music to my ears: the crisp smack of a hand smartly applied to a bare girlish bottom.
I gently pushed the door further open and peered in. Both Harold and Madeleine, I suspected, would be too preoccupied to notice my discreet presence. As indeed they were.
Poor Madeleine! How her world had been overturned! For twenty years no one had so much as contradicted her nor denied her slightest whim. And now, for the second time in less than twenty-four hours, this spoilt girl found herself turned ignominiously over a male knee to be soundly spanked on her pampered young bottom. No wonder she sounded so indignant.

Harold was seated on the bed, immediately opposite the door, so I had a fine view of the proceedings. He held Madeleine face-down across his lap, her long dark hair flowing free. She wore a loose blue peignoir that Harold had impetuously thrust aside, so that her back was bare up to her shoulder-blades, and as she squirmed and wriggled I caught a glimpse of her lovely breasts with their large brown nipples.
Otherwise her only apparel was a pair of cream linen directoire drawers. But Harold, I was pleased to see, had availed himself of a husband's privilege of intimacy, and the final veil had been stripped from those soft, spankable orbs. The delicate garment hung in a tangle around her knees. Spoilt young Madeleine was being treated to her first bare-bottom spanking.

And given that Harold had never before administered such chastisement, I thought he was making a very creditable job of it. (I was vain enough to think, too, that he might have learned from watching an expert at work.) Already a warm pink blush adorned Madeleine's shapely rear contours, contrasting piquantly with the whiteness of her back and thighs. As I watched, his palm descended ringingly on the rosy curve of her left bottom-cheek. She gasped and squirmed desperately. But Harold, a well-built young man, held her fast in a firm grip, and now bestowed an equally sound smack on the right cheek. 'Ow-oww! Stop it!' she wailed, her dark mane tossing wildly.
But Harold clearly had no intention of stopping yet. 'This will show you, my sweet,' he told her, punctuating his words with a series of vigorous smacks. 'So you think I'm not man enough to spank you myself, do you? Think I have to get Charley to do it for me? Well, this will teach you otherwise, young lady! And this! And this!' Finding his rhythm, he laid on with a will, making her soft globes bounce and wobble in fine lively style.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Harold's hand rose and fell in a steady rhythm, and Madeleine provided an eloquent vocal accompaniment. Smack! 'Oww! Oh Harold - (Spank!) - oww, please! I'm sorry! (Spank! Spank!) Owww, oh no more, you beast! (Smack! Smack! Smack!) Oh stop, my love, owww, I beg you! (Smack! Spank!) Yeeowww! I'll be good, I promise! (Smack!) Beast! (Spank!) Brute! (Smack!) Owwww! I hate you! (Smack! Smack!! Spank!! SPANK!!!) Oww, please dear sweet Harold, oh no more! Please stop! Aaa-haaah-OWWWWW!' But Harold spanked remorselessly on, deepening with each smack the opulent crimson glow that now mantled her tender flesh-cushions.

Madeleine's ordeal, it was evident, would last for quite some time yet, and I was tempted to stay and watch to the end. Her bare bottom was a delicious sight, all the more so when caused to dance and blush so beguilingly. But I thought it more tactful, at this stage, to withdraw. I stole back down the corridor, followed by the sounds of ringing smacks on soft bare bottom-cheeks, and of Madeleine's desperate wails of protest. Either this will finish their marriage, I reflected, or it will be the making of it.
Neither one of them came down to tea. I felt this might be a good augury, and my surmise was confirmed when they both appeared for dinner arm-in-arm and showing all the devotion of blissful newly-weds. Madeleine, though, found it difficult to meet my eye. I noticed that she took her seat at table rather gingerly, and couldn't resist inquiring if her headache were better? She coloured charmingly, and murmured that yes, the pain had much diminished, thank you.
After dinner they announced that they were rather tired, and would like an early night. I was quite happy to see them retire, as the events of the day had left me feeling most lascivious, and I slipped out of the house and up to London to pay Frances a surprise visit. The sweet girl, as always, was overjoyed to see me, and welcomed me warmly. I fear that her lovely bottom suffered from my excitement at having seen Madeleine spanked that afternoon. But she bore it, as always, without resentment, and I soon made it up to her by what followed.
I returned early, to find Harold breakfasting alone. Madeleine, he said, was still asleep. After breakfast I proposed a stroll in the grounds.

'So,' I observed once we were well clear of the house, 'I gather that all is well again between you and Madeleine?'
'Oh yes,' replied Harold, looking slightly confused. 'Yes - but - well, you know, Charley, it's a very strange thing. You remember you said there was something erotic about smacking a girl's bottom? I wasn't quite sure what you meant. But when I watched you spanking Maddy, I found it, I don't know, exciting. I felt sorry for her, but somehow I didn't want you to stop. And then yesterday, after lunch, when I went upstairs - well, you'll never guess what happened - '
'Oh, I think I can, old chap. You put her across your knee and treated her to another sound spanking.'
'Charley, that's amazing! Yes, I did. I don't know how I had the nerve, but I did. And you were right - I enjoyed it hugely. I spanked her quite hard, I think, and I found it very difficult to leave off. I know it was cruel of me, but I must have spanked the poor girl for at least ten minutes, and by the time I finished her bottom was bright red and must have been fearfully sore. Charley, am I an inhuman monster to treat my poor wife so?'
I laughed. 'No, old fellow - or at any rate, no more than most men. Believe me, spanking a pretty girl on her bare bottom is a pastime few men can resist. And tell it not in Gath - but quite a few of the girls rather enjoy it, too, for all they may squeal and protest.'
'Is that so?' asked Harold, wild surmise in his gaze. 'Well, you know, Charley, I certainly found smacking Maddy like that made me feel, you know, remarkably amorous. And Maddy - well, I won't say that she liked being spanked, exactly, but it seemed to - stimulate her. And since then she has been as tender and loving as I could possibly wish.'
'Excellent,' I said. 'In that case, I think you have both learnt something of value. You have discovered a new and lasting source of exquisite pleasure. And I think you'll find that you have a more contented, and much better-behaved, young wife.'
Indeed, for the remainder of their stay Madeleine was a changed girl - sweet, charming and attentive, always affectionate towards Harold. If there should be the least hint of her old petulant ways, a glance from Harold, or a quiet 'Now, Maddy!', was enough to make her behave. Even so, I suspect that she suffered a smacked bottom once or twice more while under my roof - but the motive, in all probability, was punitive in name only.
There was still a touch of reserve in her behaviour towards me, and I began to think I should never be quite forgiven. But when they left, she surprised me by flinging her arms round me and kissing me, then whispering in my ear: 'Charley, it was cruel of you to spank me so hard. But I am very glad you did!'

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