The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Guest Post-- The Yacht by David Ellis

This story is by someone named David Ellis. As far as I can tell it appeared in 1999, maybe on Usenet. It's a voyeur's tale. We see this incredible scene unfold through the eyes of a guy who just happens upon a group of women who chance to tie up near his mooring in a secluded cove. Lucky guy, indeed...
Art by Paula Russell

The Yacht

He'd moored up in the little cove he'd found last year and climbed over the
hill. He liked the cove but didn't come often as it was used by flotillas and
got noisy at night. Just then another yacht came round the headland, he
recognized the five girl crew from one he'd seen the night before in a bar when
they'd been making quite a night of it. The leader was a big "Jolly hockey
sticks" type wearing a red bikini which was really a size too small for her but
the others looked OK. The yacht came into the jetty though the sailing was
pretty ragged and there was a lot of shouting from the big one who appeared to
be the skipper, probably self appointed.

The boat tied up, a couple of the girls opened beers whilst the other two went
for a swim. He settled down behind the rocks and decided to watch. Voyeuristic
it may have been but the girls had lovely figures. He could hear them clearly
over the water shouting and splashing. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves
apart from the little blonde he'd been eyeing up the night before who was
sitting in the cockpit looking subdued.

Just as he was about to leave he heard the big one, he thought she was called
Sarah, shout, "Discipline time." Unable to believe his ears he sat down again
and got his binoculars out. The two girls who had been swimming came back on
board the water glistening on their tanned young bodies. They were both wearing
black backless swimsuits cut high on the leg. The tall redhead came up from the
saloon wearing a pair of tight denim shorts and a white shirt knotted under

His favourite, he thought her name was Kate, was still sitting in the cockpit.
She was a petite little blonde with a page boy haircut. Her lovely slim body
curved deliciously in all the right places and was set off along with her tan by
the green bikini she was wearing. She was left in the corner as the other sat
opposite. Sarah then said "Kate you know you didn't warn us when you were going
to gybe, someone could have been hurt. That's why you're going to be punished.
Jane, Amanda take her forward." The two in swimsuits took Kate and led her to
the bow turning her round so that her back was towards him. Sarah and the
redhead approached, she was carrying a bundle of short ropes, which she dropped
on deck. "Get her ready" ordered Sarah and he watched, fascinated, as Jane and
Amanda stripped Kate of her bikini.

"Gill tie her hands," ordered Sarah. Kate held out her hands and the redhead
tied them together then taking the main halyard she fastened it to the ropes.
Sarah pulled the halyard until Kate's arms were stretched above her and her
belly was taut against the mast. At this Gill looped another rope round Kate's
waist and bound her to the mast. The girls each picked up a length of rope from
the deck. "Three each, Jane, Amanda, then me and Gill" announced Sarah.

The girls formed up in pairs on either side of the mast then Jane and Amanda
began to lash Kate with thin ropes about 18 inches long. He heard the faint
TWACK THWACK as the first two lashes landed, one from each side, across the
centre of Kate's golden behind. Her buttocks clenched as two thin white lines
appeared. Again the girls struck, almost as one, drawing a faint cry from Kate.
As Jane and Amanda prepared for their final stroke Jane nodded to Amanda who
struck first, the rope curling round to CRACK high on the side of Kate's thigh.
She cried out sharply and twisted away from the pain turning her other cheek out
from the mast. This was what Jane had been waiting for and she sharply hipped
her lash into the crown of the right cheek. Kate thrust her pelvis into the mast
trying to escape the lightening flash of pain, her head came back sharply and
she gave a short sharp cry.

Sarah and Gill then changed places with the other girls. They surveyed Kate's
bottom which now had four bright red stripes across it and two that were turning
red. Sarah struck first. He could hear the whistle of the rope before it
viciously lashed into the slight crease between Kate's buttocks and thighs. She
rose on her toes, despite her bonds, her head snapped back, but somehow she did
not cry out. Gill then landed her first stroke across the centre of Kate's rump
drawing a thin white line across it. Sarah then brought her arm back, the tip of
the rope almost catching her own behind, as once again she made it whistle
before cracking across the crease at the top of the victims thighs. Again Kate
went up on her toes drawing her bottom in and throwing her head back but making
no sound. "Steady on Sarah that's a bit much" called one of the girls.

Gill waited until Kate relaxed and placed her second stroke across the centre of
the twitching bottom. Sarah, who he could see was looking flushed and excited,
swung another vicious lash into the bright red marks of her previous blows. As
he heard the CRACK of the lash he saw Kate's buttocks jump with the force of the
blow. This time Kate gave a short sharp cry. "Sarah that's too much!" called
Jane. As Kate relaxed Gill delivered her final lash across the centre of Kate's
now glowing backside. It seemed to be given more for appearance sake than

The girls went below and he heard raised voices although he couldn't make out
what they were saying. Kate her head lowered was left for him to contemplate.
Her bottom now had two broad red lines across it, one across the centre where
the three girls had placed their lashes and another lower down where Sarah had
so cruelly whipped her. Some of the lines were developing a bluish tinge. After
a few minutes Gill and Amanda came on deck. Speaking to her softly they rubbed
cream into her bruised buttocks as they released her bonds.

A couple of days later he saw them in a bar, once again it was Sarah's voice
that was the loudest. "Thursday night, let's go back to that cove, you know
Kate's cove". On the off chance he'd returned their himself and sure enough
they'd sailed up that afternoon. This time there was something different.
Putting his binoculars to his eyes he'd seen only four girls on deck. The
redhead, Gill, was at the helm, obviously a far better sailor than Sarah, she
sailed smoothly up to the jetty and berthed. The four girls then came down to
the beach just below him. Amanda and Jane were wearing their black swimsuits
Gill a fetching brown bikini and Kate a pair of denim shorts over a blue swim
suit. As Kate took off her shorts he could see the bruises at the top of her
thighs where Sarah had lashed her. After about twenty minutes they'd come back
to the beach and with some effort they'd picked up the big table that someone
had left for barbecues and turned it so that it was end on to him. They then
laid a couple of towels on it before going back to the boat. Gill leant over the
cockpit and he heard her call in a very pointed voice "Discipline time". At that
he saw Kate hand two ropes to each of the girls. Sarah now appeared. She was a
very crestfallen girl compared to the one he'd seen and heard before. Dressed in
a T shirt and briefs she began to walk towards the mast before Gill called her
back saying "You're going ashore and take these." as she handed Sarah two

The girls then escorted her up the jetty to the far end of the table. "Put the
cushions in the middle" commanded Gill. Sarah leant over and did so. "Right
strip her" Gills voice was cold. With that Amanda pulled Sarah's T-shirt off as
Jane yanked her briefs to the ground. Sarah was a magnificent sight. Her
voluptuous figure was lightly tanned even her full but still firm breasts the
tops of which were brushed by her long auburn hair. Her belly was rounded but
not fat with its lower slope covered with a light auburn bush. Just then Kate,
whose pubic mound barely covered by her swimsuit, he'd been admiring through his
binoculars, spoke up. "Why not let her enjoy the view."

"Why not?" agreed Gill pushing Sarah who walked round to the end of the table
nearest him. He couldn't believe his luck as he caught sight of the full cheeks
of her arse. "Up you go" called Kate sweetly and Sarah climbed onto the table
settling her broad hips over the cushions. Each of the girls took a length of
rope and soon she was spread-eagled with her ankles and wrists fastened to the
table legs. The pink lips of her sex were clearly visible to him.

Gill stepped forward. "Sarah you've been a complete bitch. OK the discipline
thing was a bit of fun to start with but what you did to Kate was unforgivable.
Not only that but you can't navigate either. So now you're going to get a taste
of your own medicine. Six lashes from each of us. OK girls?"

The others all nodded. "Jane to open, me second. Amanda third, and Kate to
finish," announced Gill. With that Jane picked up the thin rope, gently she
raised it before lashing it down across the centre of Sarah's haunches. Sarah
jerked, emitting a short "AH!" as a white stripe appeared across both cheeks.
Moving forward slightly she sent the second sizzling along the by now reddening
line. Another jerk and a louder AHH came from Sarah. Winding the rope round her
hand to shorten it Jane cracked to short sharp lashes down. one on the peak of
each cheek. Sarah writhed from side to side crying OH AH as two bright red
patches glowed on her rump. Unwinding the rope and stepping back Jane took her
time with her final two lashes whipping both of them across the centre of
Sarah's reddening arse. The big girl tugged at her bonds as each one landed but
apart from loud gasps made no sound.

Gill took the lash from Jane and walked round to the other side of the table,
calmly she raised the rope and with a flick of the wrist cracked the end of it
on the far side of Sarah's left cheek. This brought a frantic "Ouch" from Sarah
as she twisted in her bonds. The second was a full blooded lash squarely across
the now twitching rump. Sarah's head shot up and she gave a loud squeal. Moving
back slightly and again using a flicking action Gill buried the ropes end into
the cleft of Sarah's bum. It seemed to fly down the inside of her left cheek
before drawing the right one towards its tormentor. Sarah thrust her hips into
the cushions screaming. There was no sign of any sympathy from any of the girls.

Slowly Gill walked round to the other side of the table. She had obviously
planned what she was going to do. The forth lash was a vicious flick catching
the far side of Sarah's right hip to leave mark to match the first one she'd
placed on the left hip. Sarah writhed desperately but Gill waited until she
settled before flaying the next one across the centre of the broad rump. He
could see the indentation of the strike as a bright white line rapidly turning
red. Sarah anticipating Gills last stroke clenched her buttocks together and
moaning loudly drove her hips into the cushions. Gill just smiled and waited
until with a long slow moan Sarah seemed to surrender to her fate and relaxed.
At that point Gills final lash bit deeply into the valley of the buttocks.
Sarah's head came up, hair flying, and she gave a long banshee like wail.

Throwing the rope across the bound girl's back Gill stepped back as Amanad took
up her position opposite. A small dark haired girl she was deeply tanned. Even
without his binoculars he could see her nipples thrusting through the material
of her swimsuit. Her firm flat stomach and the high cut of the suit seemed to
emphasize the length and height of her pubic mound. Picking up the rope she ran
it through her fingers for a few moments as she studied the trembling target.
Raising the rope she lashed it onto the far side of Sarah's hip bringing a sharp
yelp from her as a white line blazed its way across the outer edge and side of
the hip. Her second and third lashes were placed full square on the clenched
buttocks, Sarah not even having time to recover from the second where she had
ground into the cushions before the third bit deeply into her soft flesh.

Taking her cue from Gill, Amanda walked to the other side of the table. This
time she took Sarah by surprise. Expecting the lash on the side of her hip Sarah
had tried to roll away as far as her bonds would permit. This raised her left
cheek. Jane took aim, the rope sighed then bit into the crown of the offered
cheek, as the point of impact flashed red Sarah writhed and wailed. The fifth
stroke was almost ordinary as it cracked down on the twitching rump. Sarah
guessing that the final one would go for her hip again tried to turn away. It
made no difference as Amanda stepped forward to ensure the strike. A white line
flashed across the outside of the hip drawing a long cry of pain from the

Kate then took the rope from Amanda and positioned herself halfway down the
table. She was facing him and looked beautiful. The low cut top of her swimsuit
gave him a good view of her firm young breasts before he followed the line of
the costume down to her pubic mound. Was it his imagination or could he see some
blonde pubic hair?

Running the rope through her fingers two or three times she chose her spot.
Drawing it back she rose on her toes before whipping it forward. They could all
hear the whistle as the rope swung. Sarah clenched her buttocks but to no avail.
The lash landed diagonally across both cheeks with the end cracking into the
crease between buttock and thigh. Sarah howled as Kate moved until she was level
with the now well-striped ample rear. The second she slashed right across both
cheeks. White blazed across the crimson as the punished hips thrust frantically
into the cushions. Kate waited then moved level with Sarah's knees turning away
from him as she did so. Rising on her toes to deliver her third stroke he could
see her swimsuit ride up showing the stripes she had received a few days
earlier. This time she whipped the lash diagonally up over the striped rump with
the end biting into the top of the cheek. Sarah screamed and writhed then burst
into tears. Her whole body shaking with sobs she wriggled in her bonds and as
her legs flexed he saw another pink flash through her pubic hair.

Kate moved to the other side of the table and as she rose to deliver her fourth
lash he could see more evidence of the cruel whipping Sarah had given her.
Bringing the rope back over her shoulder until it lay down her own back Kate let
fly. Again the strike was diagonal with the tip of the rope biting into the top
of Sarah's left cheek. The sobbing was broken by a loud wailing yell. Another
step and the fifth lash was placed straight across the sobbing girl's behind.
Kate moved again to the far end of the table facing him.

By now Sarah was sobbing uncontrollably, her large rump twitching and heaving as
she did so. As if preparing for a high dive Kate again rose on her toes, the
rope hanging down her back. It sang through the air but if Sarah heard it she
gave no sign. A CRACK like a pistol shot rang out and he saw the lash dig a deep
furrow in the soft flesh of the writhing bottom. The rope end burying itself
between cheek and thigh. Sarah's head shot up her body jerking against her bonds
and she howled before collapsing back over the cushions. Kate looked at her
sobbing victim for a few moments, then dropped the rope over the now blazing
cheeks of her arse.

The girls came forward and hugged Kate before going back to the boat leaving him
to watch a sobbing Sarah. The marks of her flogging now varied in colour from
bright red to a deep crimson with traces of blue beginning to appear. After what
seemed an eternity Sarah's sobbing decreased to a few sniffles and whimpers.
Gill and Amanda then appeared and began to rub cream into the fiery backside.
When they released her bonds Sarah climbed slowly and stiffly from the table.
"I'd get that into the water to cool it off" was all Gill said as she patted the
scarlet bum. Sarah just nodded and he watched as she walked into the sea her
fiery rump disappearing below the water.


erotomane said...

Wow! This was a new story to me -- and a most enjoyable one too! Well-written and well presented -- the work of a true aficionado.

Thank you, Rollin; you write well and bring us the best of other writers as well.

You are a star, sir!

Rollin said...

Thanks, erotomane. I just try to entertain.