The Romance of Chastisement

The Romance of Chastisement

Sunday, February 1, 2015

F/M Spanking Story Sunday -- Bathtime Ordeal

This one is more a scene than a story, but it’s a lively one with a stream of consciousness point of view from Jerry and some from Ms. Frump. This one was written by someone named “Hitback.” Not a prolific writer, and it required a good bit of editing, but the scene moves along and the mental stream of consciousness is a good technique for this type of scene.


Poor Jerry. What an embarrassing situation. And she keeps saying that
he brought all of it on himself; she says it over and over as her hand slaps
his bare bottom repeatedly, relentlessly. It’s utterly shameful and embarrassing and stings like crazy. This shouldn’t be happening to him, he is too old for this.

At least, so he thinks. But not her, this tall, old Amazon his Dad hired as a
housekeeper. Jerry couldn’t believe the strength and energy she had for
an old person. The truth is Ms. Frump wasn’t ready for a walker. She
was, so to speak, a real firecracker, as poor Jerry was finding out.

He had run a way for a couple of days to be with his friends, skip
school and hang out. He felt like a big man, grown up and all, being on
his own, especially while his father was out of town. He didn’t realize
that she knew what he did, that she was waiting, and, that she would
catch him right before his bath -- just when he thought he was back in the house
and no one was the wiser.

Wrong! He was amazed how easily she handled him and how this 16
year old, who felt so grown up just 24 hours earlier on the street was now
perched, helplessly face down and bottom up over this tall woman’s knee, completely naked, while his bare posterior was getting one hell of a spanking. Yes, that’s right a

While a tub full of hot bath water stood waiting for him, he was getting a
spirited spanking, delivered with gusto. Never before had he been treated
in this manner. She had barged right in, with the most perfect timing as he
had not a stitch of clothing on. She knew what he did, damn it! Just how did
she know? Taking him by the ear she had pulled a stool away from the
wall sat down and started in on him.

“So you think you got away with it didn’t you little man? Running away,
skipping school, doing God knows what...think you’re smart don’t
you? Well, let’s just see how smart you really are.”

Jerry’s complaints and protests were single syllable words consisting of 
Hey! Stop! Don’t! -- plus a few more expletives, none of which would save his round,
bare bottom from the fate awaiting it. Nor would he be prepared for
all of the sensations he would feel. How could he know that he was truly
more innocent than he thought he was, and that his running away or
“naughtiness” as she called it was a catalyst for what she had been
wanting to do since she laid her eyes on this handsome, well built,
spoiled, rich boy. She’d been like a spider, with her lap being the web. She now had
him, and was about to unleash her years of spanking experience on his boyish,
yet masculine posterior. Yes, she would enjoy taking the young man to task.

By the time she completed her introductory lecture, the stool was in
place, and she had guided the boy to her side by tugging on his ear. She flung him
forward. He landed face down over her lap and started to put up a struggle. Thanks to
Kleer Floor Wax his feet could not immediately find purchase. But how
could he know how her well-practiced her moves were.

Her thighs moved under him and he felt one under his pelvis and his hips
settled on it, his penis now pressed against the crest of the top of her skirt
covered thigh. The uniform’s material felt crisp and yet smooth against
the sensitive underside of his cock. He had lost and he knew it. She had
won, and what a sight it was. He could feel the angle of his position,
and he felt as though he was going to slide forwards and land on his head
on the floor, but for his hips being pinioned on her thigh, he was stuck.
Worse than that, he realized from the cool air moving up between his legs
and wafting over his balls, that his bottom was now the highest and most
prominent part of his body. No modesty allowed here. For a moment
Jerry flailed his arms and legs to no avail, looking as though he was
practicing a swimming stroke. 

Then it began. The first of dozens of spanks landed
across his bottom and caused the struggling, rich boy to cry out loudly in
surprise. But even as his cry sounded in the room the first slap was
followed by the 2nd, then 3rd. She was like a fucking machine, cracking
off those spanks. Great, a bionic, spanking housekeeper. She was
spanking fast, not missing a beat. If that wasn’t bad enough, she still had
more to say to him.

“Well, well, not as big as you thought, hmm? What’s the matter, little
mister, never had this oh-so-spankable bottom up in the air like this?
Well let’s just heat it up, oh yes, I’ll tickle it up real good for you, I’ll
teach you to run away from Miss Frump!”

“Wack, smack, slap”! Meaty spanks impacted his bare cheeks.
Her arm moved in a brisk, tight arc, and with a well-timed last minute flick of her wrist she was able to incorporate just enough english in her slaps to deliver a nice sting. Spanking on the same spot, across the lower portion of Jerry’s bare bottom, his cheeks danced and
quaked. Watching the spanking in “real-time” one really had to watch to
see her hand actually land on the bottom. If it could be watched in slo-
mo, one would be able to see the wrist bending back at the last minute to deliver that calculated
wrist flick with the flat of her hand, giving the spank a whip-like action, smacking sonorously against his ever-reddening bottom.

"A red hot bottom will make you behave, young man!" She sounded positively gleeful. "Is your fanny stinging? Well, it will be!" She landed one fierce spank after another on his painfully throbbing behind.

“Ow! Ow! Please, no! Ahhh!”

 Jerry felt as though hot pepper was being sprinkled on his bottom. Oh, when was this going to stop? His ears and face were as red as his bottom, still flushed with
embarrassment, knowing how he must look and what she could see.
Probably everything, everything that a 16 year old boy wants to keep
modestly covered up. Now he was on display; she was seeing all of his
private parts.

And speaking of private parts, something was happening to
him, something that she already knew could happen. How could Jerry
know, that this was not really as severe as corporal punishment could get.
For if she wanted to truly punish him, would he not be just crying then, his
Spirits would be completely broken as a strap or hairbrush really welted him. Oh, it stung and
burned, but there were other sensations arising as his bottom was
continuously slapped with almost clocklike mechanical precision and
rhythm. Yes, she knew exactly what she was doing. She felt his erection,
grown to full capacity, wedged against her thigh.

“Poor little mister, just look at your poor posterior...” (tisk, tisk, tisk,) she
clicked, still spanking on. “Oh my, just look what you brought on
yourself, poor boy.”

Jerry was no longer struggling. Squirming more than anything else, he
felt the itchy, prickly tickling sensations from his erect cock, the sensitive
underside area located just behind the head was rubbing against her
startched housekeeper’s uniform, sliding back and forth slightly from each slap
and then up and down? What was happening?

“Now what?” He thought as he felt a thudding in his gut. Bouncing! She
was bouncing him up and down. Her one knee was jumping up and down
off of the ball of her foot.

“Oh No! NOOOO! Don’t! Stop! Ouuuuuuuu!” He was so embarrassed,
feeling the uncontrollable sensations from his hard-on and knowing she
knew he was hard. Was that why she was doing this? No couldn’t be, he
was being punished. Oh how could his body betray him like this? She
kept spanking and bouncing him. Jerry’s posterior was getting really hot
and he tried to control the sensations in his privates by cocking his bottom
up, taking some of the pressure off of his penis. He drew his feet up, as
he presented his bottom upwards. In doing so his thighs were parted
wide. It worked! For the first time since his ordeal started the slaps
ceased. She laid her hand across his heated cheeks. It was a gentle, soft
touch. He gasped out loud.

“So, do you think you learned your lesson young man? Well, do you?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he gasped.

The next sound coming out of his mouth was like that of a tire having all
of the air removed. She slid her hand, the same had that a few
minutes ago was slapping his bare fanny so relentlessly, down between his legs. He was
paralyzed, as he held his bottom and legs in an up thrust, presented
tension. Her fingers did an amazing dance around and against his anus,
tickling, stroking, causing wave after wave of surprising, pleasurable
sensations to burst in his brain. Then she tickled and stroked lower.
It felt that her fingers were made out of feathers. The maddening cupping,
carressing of his tight balls continued and his bottom and thighs were a
wash of goose pumps. He was quickly brought out of his intoxicated

Suddenly, she resumed her spanking and that damned bouncing.

“Yow! Ouch!” He exclaimed as a volley of stinging spanks landed randomly all over his buttocks, causing him to buck and wriggle.

Jerry’s protests reverberated with the bouncing movement and he felt the
renewed and yet now pleasurable stinging in his bottom and the rubbing
of his penis.

“I think that you need just a little more from Miss Frump’s hand. Yes sir,
my boy, just a little more, I think you’ve almost learned your lesson, yes a
fine lesson across this little boy bottom.”

She sounded winded herself, like she was breathing hard. Jerry only had
a moment to contemplate that thought as suddenly stars and spangles
exploded in his brain as he was spanked to an intense orgasm. Never
before had he ever felt such a deep sensation. She spanked and bounced
the boy all the way through and beyond his climax. As his moans and
groans reverberated, he rode her quivering leg, squirting and spurting his seed.

Then, it was over. Jerry’s posterior was a nice, hot, red. He whimpered and moaned softly
as she carressed his hot, burning fanny, making sure to visit the region
between his legs with her delicate inspection. Jerry’s last thought, while
up on her lap, was that when his Dad went out of town again, he’d have to
run away. And, just as he thought that.

“Well young man. Just look at what I had to do to your poor bottom.
You just try that little stunt again and I will do the same exact thing to
you. Understand?”

He sure did! He sure did.





Anonymous said...

A truly terrific tale and those two black and white pictures enhance the descriptions perfectly.

Rollin said...

Those are from the defunct site which was a clips4sale studio.